Text Tuesday


1. Currently waiting on July boxes! Birchbox, Ipsy, Glossybox, Love With Food, Loot Crate, Golden Tote, and Sample Society. I’m also waiting for a Fancy Mystery Box (women’s medium).

2. The more I look over the Nina Garcia #NGQ03 Quarterly items, the more I fall in love with the box. The plastic shoe that I thought was tacky? I kind of like it a lot now because it is so tacky. The Koku pouch that I wasn’t so sure about because of the raffia fringe? Well, apparently it/a very similar clutch retails for $108.83 on their website. I used the Joico product last night and my hair was so nice today. My Otterbox with the limited edition design inspired by Nina herself has shipped and will be here soon. EVERYTHING IS SO AWESOME. I’m so glad that I subscribe to her box. It is always the best subscription box out there for value and curation, in my humble opinion. 🙂

3. I think that my Popsugar Must Have box should be here tomorrow! Super excited about it!

4. Oh! I’ve added a “Tags” tab/page up top so that everyone can better navigate this site and find what they’re looking for. Of course the easiest way is to enter keywords into the search bar at the very bottom so that you can really narrow it down!

5. I just realized I might be out of town by the time the July Glossybox makes it to my front door (unless they deliver super early), so maybe I shouldn’t order two boxes… XD But we’ll see. I’m really tempted to. I should probably make up my mind soon since the faster I order, the faster it could ship out.

6. DEUTSCHLAND. BREAKING ALL THE RECORDS TODAY. SO MANY RECORDS. (that’s not my Tumblr btw, in case you were wondering haha) AND MIRO. MIROOOOOOOOOOO. He did it. He got his goal. He got the record he had been hoping to achieve since he started out in this tournament. ❤

7. Can’t wait to see the Netherlands and Argentina semifinal tomorrow because that’s really going to be interesting, hehehe. I think I might be pulling for the Netherlands on this one, just so Messi has a 0% chance to win a World Cup but honestly, I really dislike both teams. :p


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