From The Lab Special Deal!

Screen shot 2014-07-12 at 9.23.45 PM

From The Lab is offering a really, really sweet deal for their one-year anniversary! You do need to order by midnight, July 13th to take advantage of this awesome deal though. It’s their Limited Summer Collection and it includes FOUR full size items PLUS a full size BONUS Lip Primer No. 629 for all new subscribers! I totally got suckered in, haha.

The four items are:
AM/PM Cleanser No. 586 (200 ml)
Face Mask No. 598 (1 oz/28.35 g)
Hair Mask No. 718 (100 ml)
Face Primer No. 327 (0.81 oz/23 g)

+ Lip Primer No. 629 (0.17 fl oz/5 ml)

You might be wondering what this is. Are you signing up to become a guinea pig? πŸ˜‰ Well, this is taken straight from their FAQ and honestly this is an awesome subscription that allows you have first dibs on full size products at very affordable prices before they hit the shelves of exclusive retailers.

Our beauty editors and advisors meet with the top cosmetic labs in the world to bring you small, limited lab runs of the most innovative beauty products up to 18 months before they’re in retail stores. Our focus and mission is to provide luxury beauty at an affordable price.”

PS: Their CS is A+. I had trouble signing up just earlier this evening because whenever I clicked on the “monthly” subscription, it would redirect me to an error page. But their CS and tech team were working (on a weekend night, no less!) and were in constant communication with me until they had the issue resolved. πŸ˜€

They are $29.95/month and it is easy to cancel any time! Plus if you sign up now, you can get a $5.95 discount + 6,000 points, which equals to $60 to spend in their store. (I honestly don’t know how long this lasts because I just opened a new incognito window to try it out and that’s the deal they gave me!) So I’d totally take advantage of it ASAP. πŸ˜‰ And always, a huge heartfelt thank you for reading and choosing to use my referral link!



  1. I love this sub! I wonder if regular subscribers will get the four items. I do know that they had issues with the lip primer applicator so they were going to send a new one with a different style container to everyone. It’s a great lip primer, you’ll love it.

      1. YAAAAAY πŸ˜€ Hope you use your points for something awesome hehehe. And yes! Their CS is absolutely fantastic – super friendly and always on point.

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