July 2014 From The Lab Review


From The Lab
The Breakdown:
Monthly | Cost: $29.95/month | Beauty and Makeup |
Ships via USPS | Ships to the US


This was their anniversary month and so I couldn’t help but sign up for just this one time because of the awesome stuff they were sending out! I mean, they sent out four full size products plus an extra item just because, how could I refuse?


AM/PM Cleanser No. 586 (200 ml) – This smells really good, like jasmine and it’s a really freaking huge bottle. I haven’t actually used it yet but I think it’s going to be awesome just because of how good it smells. This cleanser is supposed to remove makeup, clean, tone, and treat your skin! The coolest thing is that you just wipe it on your face – no need for water!


The bottle opening!


Face Mask No. 598 (1 oz/28.35 g) – I’m not so crazy about the scent of this one because it smells like almond jelly/almond tofu… which I don’t like. XD But… I don’t hate it to the point where I won’t at least give this a try. This contains healing botanicals such as absinth, armoise, and heart of the sea algae. I have way too many face masks to use right now so I’ll keep this one on the “to try” list because it does seem like a good one since it’s gentle and can be used every day if you wanted to.


Pale, pale green.


Hair Mask No. 718 (100 ml) – Funnily enough, I’m also kind of on a hair mask overload right now! But that’s okay, I’m definitely looking forward to trying this one too because you can use it on dry or wet hair (like a deep conditioner). This product is supposed to nourish your scalp while conditioning your hair so it’s kind of a two for one deal. The scent is almost non-existent and so I think it wouldn’t be offensive to most!


Face Primer No. 327 (0.81 oz/23 g) – This is supposed to create an even, natural, and high definition finish that won’t feel heavy or clog pores so I think this could be pretty awesome for me! (a makeup minimalist) It has anti-aging benefits and will even out your skin tone so I think I’ll have to see if this will work for me. If you have a darker skin tone, you can use this too because it dries invisible after application! 😀


Lip Primer No. 629 (0.17 fl oz/5 ml) – I actually haven’t opened this yet so I don’t know anything about its scent or consistency. Or, of course, how well it does or does not work. But because I love lip products, I think this will really help the application of the various lip products I get in subscription boxes! It’s supposed to help hydrate your lips while preventing your lip product from feathering (which can look tacky) so I’m definitely hoping this will be awesome for me.


The July 2014 From The Lab box!

Overall enjoyment: I didn’t bother doing a break down of the price because you can only buy these products from them at the moment and they have their “estimated” prices as well as “member” prices. So it’s really up to you to decide what is worth how much, but the cool thing is that all the products they send out are full size! I think the product I’m most excited about is the AM/PM cleanser because it’s so easy to use and it smells absolutely amazing.


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