Fall 2014 Fortune Cookie Soap Box Review


Fortune Cookie Soap
The Breakdown:
Quarterly | Cost: $19.99/quarter
8 exclusive FCS bath/body products in adorable mini-sizes
Ships via Newgistics | Ships Worldwide!


First look! This is my second FCS box and it’s a Fall/Wicked/Wizard of Oz kind of mash-up theme. I was definitely excited to see what kind of scents they would come up with. (you can see my first FCS box review here, it’s the Summer 2014 box!) Spoilers came out a few days ago but I couldn’t wait to experience everything for myself. Their products are always so much fun and I always seem to love them even though I don’t end up loving the scent.


The info card. On the back there’s a code for $10 off good for any order at their website so that you can buy full sized products of scents you fell in love with. This time around, there was a variation between boxes as there were four different whipped creams you could have received.


Flying Monkeys Personal Space Air Freshener – I have to say that I don’t really care for this scent. It doesn’t smell like bananas at all. It smells like a weird fruity-floral that’s more floral than fruity, unfortunately. I don’t really know how to describe it and I don’t think their description is very on-point either. It does kind of remind me of a floral version of nail polish remover…


Green Is The New Black Whipped Cream – This was the one I received! After the last box and my separate FCS order… I have found out that I am not a fan of their bakery scents. I can smell the pumpkin spice, but I’m really sad that it’s not more prominent because it’s overpowered by the scent of the “generous dollop of fresh whipped cream”. I really don’t like this at all because it reminds me of the weird “cereal” smell that was in the captain’s berried booty from the last box, which is really disappointing because I think that their whipped cream is one of their best products. (the formula is awesome)

If you want to see the texture of the whipped cream, feel free to look at my last review!


Swankified Walnut Facial Scrub – They had a facial scrub for the first time in their last box and they’ve included another one! This one is also a bakery related scent… so of course I don’t like it. XD The scent has a weird “after smell” that is kind of sour. I definitely won’t be using this. The scrub itself is a light tan with light brown specks of “walnut”.

(if you guys want a photo of it, let me know and I’ll be sure to add it in!)


Roy G Biv OCD Hand Sanitizer – This… This smells amazing! In my opinion, I think that the top three FCS products are their OCD hand sanitizer, their signature fortune cookie soaps, and their whipped creams. This was a very clean scent that I just adored! It smells like clean laundry rounded out with a slightly sweet lingering note of vanilla. I seriously love this and would  get this exact scent in other products! In fact, I probably will with that $10 code. 🙂


Hair Flip Hair Oil – This is a new product and it’s contained in this mysteriously blank eyedropper bottle. I think that this scent actually works for me despite being a “bakery scent” with its vanilla cream note. It’s basically a sugary sweet hazelnut. In fact, it smells like that shot of hazelnut syrup you’d put in your coffee. I haven’t tried it out on my hair but I think this could work well! I do currently love the Beauty Protector Protect & Oil the most (that scent is THE BEST), but I’m willing to give this one a shot too.


The Shiz Perfume Oil – How much do I love this? Quite a lot, actually. It’s overwhelmingly awesome and I kind of want this as an OCD hand sanitizer and as a fortune cookie soap and basically everything else. I don’t know how to describe it but the best I can do is to tell you that it’s woodsy and clean and slightly masculine. Pretty sure guys could pull this one off with no problem! This is seriously the shiz. 😉


Miss Popular Bubble Bath Powder – Not a fan. This is sickly sweet and disgustingly floral. I did laugh a lot when I saw how it was packaged because it just looks like a pack of crack. XD I don’t think I’d want to explain this one if I mailed it and my package was somehow opened for inspection. I think I’m definitely going to have to just trade or gift this one because ew. It’s not for me at all.


There’s No Place Like Home Fortune Cookie Soap – This is my favorite thing in the box. I love, love, love this scent. It basically smells like a cinnamon hard candy/a mug of cider and I seriously want to eat it. When you open the box, this is the first thing you smell and it just screams AUTUMN. I would love this as a hair oil or some other kind of bath product because then I can walk around smelling like cinnamon and apples. It’s really bad but I can’t stop sniffing this thing. As in I’m actually picking it up every so often to smell it. Yup.


The Fall 2014 FCS box!

Overall enjoyment – There were definitely some misses in this box, but I think I love this one so much more than the candy aisle box last quarter. I really liked the fortune cookie soap, OCD hand sanitizer, perfume oil, and the hair oil. I can’t wait for their Fall product line launch so that I can get my hands on some of these awesome scents in other product variations. 🙂



  1. I want to eat the No Place Like Home Soap. Or smell it forever. I tried to pinch it to my nose but it wouldn’t stay. It makes me drool it smells so good. I should swap you my hand sanitizer for your room spray since I love the spray and hate the sanitizer 😛

    1. The FCS is the best thing about this box. I have it sitting on my desk so I can smell it whenever I want. XD And I’d totally make that trade with you! Except I just don’t have time to go to the post office during the weekdays thanks to work, but Saturdays are manageable!

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