Text Tuesday


1. HELLO EVERYONE. I’m currently away from home on a week-long business trip (for training) because I’m finally out of school and in the real world! Hello 40-hr work weeks! This means I won’t be able to get my mail until the end of the day when I get home after driving through rush hour traffic. :p  And… it also means that I’ll be cutting down on my subscriptions and posts in general. But fear not as I won’t be disappearing!

2. Reviews I need to post… Fancy mystery box, August EveryGirl Birchbox, August Ipsy, and August Love With Food. (and maybe another subscription that I don’t recall right now) I have the photos taken, but I don’t have them on my work computer. XD

3. Subscriptions I’m keeping: Birchbox, Sample Society, Popsugar Must Have, Love With Food, Fortune Cookie Soap, and Nina Garcia Quarterly. Also Memebox as they continue to send me boxes. I think I’m going to cancel Ipsy because their bags (the actual, physical bags themselves) have gotten worse since I first signed up. I’ve already cancelled Glossybox. I’m going to get one more FabFitFun box and that’s it. Everything else is just uh… in limbo, I guess.

4. Everyone beware that Glossybox has now raised the cost of a gift box to $25 and that their cancellation policy has also changed. I would review their terms on their website for further clarification. I like Glossybox for the items they send out but I don’t really like their late delivery dates and now I don’t like their new policies… so I cancelled. Of course there’s a Paypal workaround for their cancellation policy but I don’t really want to have to deal with that.

5. Working also means missing all the week day matches. 😦

6. Taiwan was a lot of fun. I really should organize my photos and post some but I’m too busy. XD I did post a lot of food photos on my instagram, so you can check that out if you’re curious!


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