August 2014 Loot Crate Review


Loot Crate
The Breakdown:
Monthly | Cost: $13.37/ month + $6 shipping (US) | Geek & Gamer Gear
Ships via USPS or Fedex | Ships to: US, UK, Canada, Australia


First look! This month’s theme was HEROES!


Funko POP! Groot Exclusive – This was the promised exclusive Funko Pop figure! IT’S GROOT. Okay, I’ll be honest, I still haven’t watched Guardians of the Galaxy (I’m really not a big movie person) and so I don’t really know his story, but everyone who has seen it thinks he’s adorable so I’m glad I get a figure of him. XD But the best part is that his arm GLOWS IN THE DARK. I love things that glow in the dark. I used to have those glow in the dark stars strewn across the ceiling and walls of my room.




TMNT Mask Glasses – TMNT is also another movie I haven’t seen yet (but I’ve seen some of the cartoons growing up – though I loved Power Rangers the most). There were four colors you could have received (Raphael – Red, Michaelangelo – Orange, Leonardo – Blue, Donatello – Purple). I kind of wish I received Blue or Red, simply because I like those colors better, but I think this could work for a really easy Halloween costume. :p




TMNT Full Figure – I think that there was also variation for this! I received Raphael. Hehehe, these are also glow in the dark. It’s like Loot Crate knows I like glow in the dark things. Plus, who doesn’t love action figures to have and display in their room/game room?


Shwings Shoe Lightning Bolts – I actually would have loved the wings more. I do like the ideas of these and if I were in middle school, I totally would have put these on my shoes. But now that I’m wearing flats, pumps, and boots… I can’t really put these on anything. (because I definitely don’t want to put these on my running shoes hahaha)


Sonic Proto Air Freshener – Maybe I’ll hang this up somewhere. :p But I wouldn’t put this up in my car. XD


Magnet Loot Crate Labs – They always include something small and random in their boxes! This one is described as “Deadpool is one of our all-time favorite Anti-heroes and this is his favorite breakfast cereal!”


Bonus Digital Loot – There are  three different codes to unlock bonuses/downloads in three different games. Sadly, I won’t be using any of these. XD Maybe if I have free time, I’ll get around to trying one of them!


I love that they did another custom-designed box. This one’s even cooler than the one from last month because you can kind of use the box as a backdrop for your action figures. :p It’s like your own private lair.


The August Loot Crate!

Overall enjoyment: I think I would have really loved this box if I had already watched Guardians of the Galaxy! But honestly, I love action figures so the fact that this box has two is pretty awesome.



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