My Subscription Addiction Quarterly #MSA01 Review


 My Subscription Addiction Quarterly
The Breakdown:
Monthly | Cost: $50/quarter
Fashion, lifestyle, and beauty
Ships via USPS | Ships to everywhere!


OKAY! So first off, apologies for the lightning in these photos since I’m really just using an Ikea table lamp as my source of light. I could have waited until tomorrow to take photos and post the review, but I wanted to share this box as soon as possible!


Every Quarterly box comes with a letter from the curator, so here are the first and last pages of MSA01! One thing I will say is that I really love the fact that she took the time to add the prices/values of each item in the box. (because I’m lazy and because it’s easier to just refer to her letter than looking it up myself)

If you’re not new to the subscription box world, then you (should) know what My Subscription Addiction is and you should definitely know who Liz Cadman is. But in case you are new or just starting out with your own subscription box addiction… here’s a small blurb (copied directly from the Quarterly site) about her site/her:

Liz Cadman started My Subscription Addiction as a way to keep track of all the emerging subscription boxes, and help others find out what they could expect to receive from any box. Two years and hundreds of boxes and reviews later, Liz has become the subscription box expert.

In addition to subscription box reviews and directories, My Subscription Addiction is now a destination for fellow subscribers to discuss subscription boxes, swap items from their subscription boxes, and discover their next favorite box! 


First look! The box was smaller than my Nina Garcia Quarterly boxes, but it was definitely packed. (and heh, I knew what was coming because I read about the spoilers at work earlier – BUT I was still excited to see what variations I would receive)




The packaging of this was just so gorgeous.


So just indulge me in these extra photos.


I mean, c’mon. The colors and the print.




Tatcha Polished Classic Rice Enzyme Powder (60 g/2.1 oz, $65) – This was the first spoiler posted on MSA and this definitely caught my eye. I have never used anything from Tatcha past their blotting papers (which are wonderful and indulgent with the pressed-in gold flakes), but then I looked at the website and the product description and thought… yes, yes I want this. Plus, you know you’re probably going to be in for an awesome box when one item covers more than the cost to subscribe.

I haven’t tried this yet – but I can’t wait to! This is both a cleanser and an exfoliator and the best part is that it’s gentle enough to use every day so maybe I’ll switch over from my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Cleanser to see how well this Rice Enzyme Powder works on my skin.






Juice Beauty Reflecting Gloss (4 ml/0.14 fl oz, $15) – This was the second spoiler that was subtly posted on MSA. You would have only caught it if you happened upon a certain post about another subscription box that was also sending this out. So it pays to read every post when it’s close to shipping time if you’re serious about spoilers! 😉

There were four color variations and the one I received was guava. This particular shade may be a little too bold/bright for me personally (I went and looked at some swatches), because I’m more comfortable with nudes and soft pinks for an every day look. So I may end up trading this for a different shade or gifting it since the holidays are coming fast.




Fig + Yarrow Cardamom + Coffee Body Scrub (4.5 oz/128 g, $22) – I don’t drink coffee but I love the smell of coffee so this is actually pretty great for me! The scent of cardamom is definitely in there too (but the coffee comes first). I keep saying that I’ll get into body scrubs and all that, but I also keep putting it off. XD Maybe I’ll finally be inspired to start with this because I keep opening it to smell the coffee/cardamom combination.

(I wonder if this was the item that may have not arrived in perfect condition when Liz received her box to make sure everything was packaged correctly/would ship without damages. The lid was taped down, as you can see from the first photo and the entire jar was carefully wrapped in the brown packing paper and bubblewrap.)






Raw Naturals Candle in Chai Latte ($24) – This smells amazing. SO AMAZING. It’s basically chai, fall, sugar, and spice and everything nice wrapped up in a candle. It’s all natural and made from soy wax with a wooden wick (which is new to me!). I really don’t want to burn this because I just want to keep it and smell it forever. I’d be totally okay if there was a candle in every MSA box even though I never burn candles. I just want to smell them all!






All laid out and I’ve thrown in the letter for scale.


Simonetta Infinity Knit Scarf ($25) – I love scarves and I love infinity scarves even more so I was ecstatic when I found out that there would be a scarf in this box! However, when I first opened my box, I was like… what. The colors of my scarf (there was variation in the color of scarf you receive) were not the most flattering at first glance. It honestly reminded me of a retro couch cover/carpet. XD I think the texture may have contributed to that.

But then I curled it up and tried it on and somehow that makes a difference. It just somehow works. I didn’t think it would. I was honestly all ready to put this up on my swap list, but it’s just so soft and so warm and so cozy. And the colors actually work with my day-to-day clothes. (I may or may not have tried on a few different outfits with this scarf just to make sure).

I don’t really wear brown, but I do love brown scarves. So this kind of just takes me out of my comfort zone with the different shades of brown and the stripes of red. But seriously, this is so soft. SO SOFT.


Also included were some coupons! One of which is 75% off for the first month at Just Fab (the code is unique and expires 10/15/2014). The Tatcha coupon is a promo code for a free deluxe travel size Camellia Cleansing Oil with your first Tatcha purchase. Last but not least, the Fig and Yarrow coupon is a promo code for 20% off online.


Overall value: $151.00

Overall enjoyment: I’ll be honest, at first I was skeptical because I had seen other Quarterly boxes that weren’t Nina Garcia’s (which is still my favorite Quarterly box) and I was not impressed by those curators (the value and the items they chose for their boxes were not worth the cost of the subscription).But then I saw the first spoiler and knew that MSA01 had to be pretty awesome if Liz had been able to partner with Tatcha to have one of their items in her box. So I signed up and I was not disappointed.

This was a fall-themed box and it delivered on its theme. The candle and the scarf are undoubtedly fall items. The body scrub and the Tatcha powder are indulgent products (that are both going to be awesome, I can just tell). The lip gloss is a personal favorite of hers and it’s something everyone can use (or gift).

I can think of at least five people I know who would love to receive this box in its entirety as a birthday or Christmas present because everything in this box would make a perfect gift. For me, that’s probably the best thing about MSA01 – if it’s not something I can use myself or if it’s something I know someone would absolutely love more than I would… I know I can gift it because the quality and the value are both there for every single product.

Super excited for her second box! Personally, I’m hoping for a piece of jewelry (especially a necklace!). You’d better sign up fast if you’re interested in giving MSA Quarterly a try because this one sold out and people had to be put on a wait list. 😉



    1. She totally did! 😀 Super impressed with what she included in the box. And haha good to know about that Juice Beauty lip gloss – I’ll gift it to someone I don’t like. 😉 Just kidding!! But I hope you get to trade for those two items – they’re both really awesome!!

  1. I loved reading this review – so happy you liked the box! And I don’t drink coffee either but also love the smell! (I have the candle and scrub at my desk and keep smelling them throughout the day!)

    And you guessed right about the scrub being the item I requested received much more packaging. My original test box arrived with a leaky scrub, and while nothing was ruined, I was hoping that the tape and extra paper and bubble wrap would keep in leak free or at least contained!

    1. !!!

      Thank you for reading my review! 😀 You were the one who started me off on subscription boxes so it’s kind of amazing for you to read one of my reviews. XD

      You have really outdone a lot of current subscription boxes with your curation! It has items that a lot of people were hoping for in other subscriptions. 😉 And haha yay I guessed right about the scrub. 🙂 It came packaged perfectly, so your email to Quarterly definitely paid off!

      Can’t wait for your next box!

  2. HOLY AWESOME! I am now so excited to get this! I had only seen the two spoilers on MSA site and was pretty excited about those. But the scrub, candle and scarf look great!!! I love chai and chai scented things. I don’t know if there is a variation on the candle but I hope I get that one. I feel like guava for the gloss color would be fun. I’m hoping I get another scarf color but would be ok with that one since it looks soft! I think I need to sign up for the next box now!! What a great deal. Is the rice enzyme powder actually a powder?

    1. I can’t wait for you to get yours too! 😀 It’s even better when you have everything in front of you. (I was excited when I saw the spoilers, but having the items in my hands was even better!)

      I don’t believe there was variation in the scent of the candle, so you’ll received the chai latte candle! And honestly, I think any of the scarf colors (there were quite a few that I’ve seen throughout social media posts) would be flattering. 😀

      And yes! It’s actually a powder!

  3. I’m thinking it was the scrub she had trouble with shipping on because mine did spill. I really love the box, though, and even though I am not a brown and red person, I was totally excited to see the scarf and figured I might have to do some shopping so I have something to wear it with. I also got the lip gloss in Guava, too, which made me happy because a.) I love Juice Beauty’s lip glosses and b.) I already own the Pink color. And candles are just my absolute favorite indulgence.

    1. Yes, it was the scrub! (Liz confirmed it in a comment above) But I’m sorry yours spilled. 😦 Hopefully it didn’t affect the rest of your box and is still useable!

      It’s such an awesome box, isn’t it? I feel like almost everyone will love the items she included! Getting a scarf and using it as an excuse to go shopping is perfect. 😉

  4. I debated reading this because I haven’t received my box yet but I couldn’t resist! So excited to get my box now. I knew Liz would do an awesome box since she’s the expert. WOW!!! I can’t wait to try it all. Thanks for your awesome review!

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