Birchbox Full Size Order #06


This is my sixth Birchbox order! And this one has to do with my fourth Birchbox order. 🙂 Because…


I got the mini version of the Weekender Tote!


Kate Spade Saturday The Mini Weekender Tote ($65) – I was in need of a light-weight, small crossbody bag that was still roomy enough to fit my wallet, keys, iPhone, and maybe some other small miscellaneous items. I don’t really have time to go to the mall these days to waste hours searching through various stores to find that perfect one, so I decided that I would save time by getting this one because I really loved the original Weekender Tote. (Seriously, that one can fit everything!)

The struggle (hah! “struggle”) then was to decide if I wanted it in blue/lagoon or neon pink/grey. I was actually leaning toward the latter because I thought it would be cool to have that pop of color with the pink since I don’t really wear pink on a daily basis. But when I went to the Birchbox site, I found out that the neon pink/grey was out of stock! So I immediately bought the blue/lagoon because who knows if they’ll restock and if they do… how long would it take? (plus I was paranoid about the blue/lagoon getting sold out too – and then I would never get one)


But seriously. I’m so glad I got it. It’s every bit as beautiful and perfect as the original Weekender Tote.




Signature logo.


It fits everything I need to carry around with me and it’s just so perfect for a quick trip to the grocery store or picking up dinner. It’s great for carrying over one shoulder or doing the whole cross-body thing. Though, I think if you’re a bit taller, it might come up a little short, but it’s the perfect length for me! (also the shoulder strap is adjustable).




In case you were curious how they looked next to each other. (the original is much bigger and much wider!)


My new go-to bag!


Of course it’s a Birchbox brag! 😀


And here’s the mystery sample pack! I got a Harvey Prince Hello (I absolutely LOVE this stuff) and a Cynthia Rowley Eyeliner in Black (I actually really like their formula) so both were great for me. 🙂


So… I paid $0.00 for this order! I used a 20% off code, 300 points that I had racked up on a side account, and $22.00 from a gift card that I had gotten myself. 😉 I try never to pay out of pocket for my Birchbox full size orders or if I do, I try to manipulate it so that I don’t pay more than $5.00 and so far, I’ve been successful! It’s been a while since I’ve made a purchase but I think I’m going to be making a big order later in November…! I already have my list of items that I want to splurge on and it only keeps growing. XD



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