September 2014 Love With Food Classic Review


Love With Food
The Breakdown:
Cost: The Cost: $12/month OR $19.95/month | #8+ samples
Organic, natural, and GMO-free snacks!
Ships via DHL Global Mail | Ships to the US


So………. I forgot to cancel for this month and didn’t realize I had forgotten until I got my shipping email. I knew I should have canceled because I really did not like the sound of this month’s theme, which is Spice Up Your Life. In other words, a box full of snacks that had spices I did not want to eat. I’m actually putting up this entire box for trade so I did not bother trying any of the items since whatever overwhelming scent that came out when I opened the box was not pleasing. Thus, this will be more of a photo post so that you can see what was included this month.


Mandy’s Rich Chocolate Cookie Thins


Churro Kettle Corn by Love With Food


Fogg City Spice Co. Seasoning in Lemon Rosemary


Maruso Ghost Soy Sauce


Ziggy Marley Organics Hemp Rules Roasted Hemp Seeds in Sea Salt and Pepper


Way Better Snacks Simply So Sweet Chili Tortilla Chips


Shotwell Candy 5 Spice Caramels


Amazing Grass Green Superfood in Chocolate Infusion


Definitely my least favorite Love With Food box ever. Hoping that next month will be better. (and I’ve set a calendar alert to cancel, just in case)



    1. I knew I wouldn’t like the box when I heard the theme, but it is what it is. XD And thankfully, I just traded the entire box away so I’m all set. 😀 If my brother weren’t away at college, I could probably make him eat it all haha.

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