Fancy Mystery Box Women’s Medium Review


Fancy Mystery Box Medium (Women’s)
The Breakdown:
Cost: $20 + $7.95 shipping (to the US) | #? samples | Completely Random!
Ships via Fedex | Ships to Worldwide


Okay… so this review is super late because I got this in July or something but just never got around to uploading the photos/writing the review. But better late than never, right? 😀 In any case, this is the Fancy Mystery box in medium for women! They sent this flat box that was super packed with wrapping paper and weird paper funnels.


All of that just to protect these four things. XD




NCLA Nail Wraps in What Filter Should I Use? (Full size, $16) – You guys know me, I don’t do nails. XD But these are really pretty and I love that they’re different. I think these would be great to use on one nail to really have it stand out because the palm trees and ferris wheels are actually kind of awesome.


Bib & Tuck Chapstick (Full size, $1?) – I can’t find this product online, but it’s chapstick so it can’t be worth all that much. XD I’m totally fine with this! I always lose my chapstick or I feel like the one I use is too gross to continue because I haven’t used it in a long time so I can definitely use new chapstick. I haven’t opened this so I don’t know if it’s flavored or if it’s any good, but I don’t think you can go too wrong with chapstick!


The Fancy Wayfarer Sunglasses in Tortoise ($30) – I thought this would be lame, but I LOVE IT. I wear it frequently and it’s honestly one of my favorite things that Fancy has sent me in these mystery boxes! This pair is really comfortable and it looks great when I wear them. This is something I never would have bought myself, but I’m so glad that I got it in this mystery box.


Sophie Sparrow Shark Tooth Necklace ($40) – I now have THREE of these. XD I originally got one in my Large Women’s Fancy Mystery box. Then I traded for another one to gift to a friend, but ended up getting her something else. So that was two. And now I got another one in this box. I guess I’ll keep one (I really do think this is a gorgeous piece), put one up for trade and then hold onto the last one to gift to someone around Christmas.


The Fancy Mystery Box Women’s Medium!

Overall value: $87.00

Overall enjoyment: I think I would have loved this box if I hadn’t already received the necklace before. But the sunglasses make this box for me because I actually use it almost every day! The nail wraps will be put up for trade (or maybe kept to be gifted) and the chapstick will most definitely be used. This isn’t a bad mystery box by any means and the value is four times what I paid for it!

You can check out my other Fancy Mystery Box reviews here. 🙂


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