Sample Society October 2014 Spoilers UPDATED


Sample Society has some awesome products coming in their October box! DOES NOT HAVE AWESOME PRODUCTS COMING IN THEIR OCTOBER BOX. REPEAT. DOES NOT. Current events have inspired this post because Sample Society has updated their spoilers.

The first spoiler is a deluxe-size Bobbi Brown Cosmetics Smokey Eye Mascara in Black. This has remained the same.

The second spoiler is a deluxe sample sample of Estee Lauder’s Enlighten Dark Spot Correcting Night Serum. Originally that $62 value corresponded to a 1 oz deluxe sample, but then Sample Society announced on their Facebook that the sample size will only be 7 ml… which is 0.23 oz and nowhere close to 1 oz. This left me very disappointed because their original $62 value spoiler was essentially a lie.

I actually stayed subscribed because I thought, hey a 0.23 oz sample is better than nothing. But then Sample Society released their third spoiler for October and I went ahead and unsubscribed.

Their third spoiler are these deluxe-size L’Oréal Paris Advanced Haircare Total Repair 5 Restoring Shampoo and Conditioner. Um… I can buy these at Walmart, so… yeah. Definitely unsubscribed for October, which is a shame because they started out so nicely. But the gross misstatement and now these drug store samples have led me to save my $15 + tax for this month.



    1. Did you see the full spoilers? So glad I canceled this month. XD I don’t mind dud boxes if the spoilers are posted and I can cancel before I’m charged. :p That’s one of the nice things about SS – the ease of cancellation haha.

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