Trades #10


What is this post? Well… I do subscribe to a few boxes and there are inevitably things I won’t like or won’t use, so what do I do with them? I trade! (and okay, sometimes I will sell things too) But I really love trading, especially when I can get things I’ve coveted while I get rid of things I know I don’t want. So here’s just a quick post about things I’ve recently traded for!




What did I receive? I received this Spout Wine Decanter. I actually don’t really drink wine or most alcohol (yes, I’m that boring XD), but my parents sometimes like to indulge in wine so I got this for their anniversary!

What did I trade for it? I traded the Suave Advanced Therapy Lotion, Suave Smoothing Lotion, and The Motley Gin Tonic Bath Salts that I got in my Fancy Mystery Box a while back. I actually don’t really remember where I got those Suave Advanced Therapy lotions… but it doesn’t matter! Actually, I think I may have gotten them when I still did PinchMe. XD Regardless, I had no use for them because I had many more “fancy” lotions thanks to Birchbox and the rest.


What did I receive? I received this Alterna Caviar CC Cream. I got this for my mom because she really loved the sample I gave her to try! This actually doesn’t do much for my hair except weigh it down/make it look greasy but I’m glad that my mom can use it and enjoys using it!

What did I trade for it? I traded the Aerin Rose Hand and Body Cream from the Bergdorf Goodman Glossybox (the alterna was actually from the same box!). I don’t really like rose-scented items and even though this Aerin cream did a good job of keeping the rose scent from being overwhelming/disgusting, I still didn’t love it enough to use it.


What did I receive? I received this Atelier Cologne Cedrat Enivrant Spray. I really like trying new perfumes and when I read the description for this cologne, I had to trade for it because I love bright citrus scents. The description: “The soul of this fragrance lies in its vibrant top notes: cedrat from Morocco, lime from Mexico, and bitter bergamot from Calabria. Heart notes of mint and juniper add some complexity, while grassy base notes of elemi and Haitian vetiver round out the fruity aroma.”

What did I trade for it? I traded the Eva NYC Hair Mask I received from a previous trade and a mini OPI Sheer Tint Be Magentale With Me that I received from a mystery sample pack from Birchbox. I really had no use for either item because the Eva NYC hair mask smelled gross (to me) and I don’t need nail polish tints. :p


What did I receive? I received this Lancome Absolue L’Extrait. I had really wanted to get this in my Bergdorf Goodman Glossybox, but alas… it was not meant to be and it seemed like this was a tough item to trade for because not a lot were sent out. So when I did get a trade set up for it, I was ecstatic! I wanted to trade for it because I wanted to gift it to my grandma, who loves all things Lancome so I thought this would be an indulgent and thoughtful gift. 🙂 She ended up loving it so it was definitely worth trading for.

What did I trade for it? I traded the Lancer Lift Serum Intense from my Bergdorf Goodman Glossybox, which I had three of. So of course I was going to trade one of them away! I actually still have the other two Lancers (I bought three Glossyboxes that month). XD




What did I receive? I received a Michael Todd Pumpkin Facial Mask sample and a Beauty Protector Protect and Detangle sample. I’ve always wanted to try a Michael Todd product and I love facial masks so I thought this would be a great introduction to his line of skincare. (ironically, I still haven’t tried it and it’s just sitting in a box). The Beauty Protector spray is something I love so I can never have enough! I want to see how long I can last using just the samples I trade for before I buy the full size.

What did I trade for it? I traded the Skinfix Body Repair Balm and Obliphica Intensive Hair Serum that I received in my Birchbox. I was slightly tempted to keep the Obliphica because it smelled amazing, but then I discovered the Beauty Protector hair oil and fell in love with that instead.

If you’re interested in seeing what else I’ve traded for, you can check out my TRADES tag.



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