Sephora Haul



I don’t really do a lot of online shopping (if you can believe that, hah) because I already get too many things from subscription boxes! But I made an exception for this particular “haul” (if you can even call it that, because I really didn’t get a lot of things) because I had a 10% off code and because of Sephora’s birthday gift. :p


So here’s what I got!


The freebies. (you can choose three samples with every order)


The birthday gift(s)! It’s a mini mascara and a mini lipstick. (imo, last year’s birthday gift was better)


Atelier Cologne Deluxe Miniature Duo ($18) – This duo of Orange Sanguine and Vanille Insensée have a value of $50 (each bottle valued at $25). After receiving the Vanille Insensée in my Birchbox, I kind of just needed more. It smells SO GOOD. I love vanilla scents and so many places ruin vanilla scents that it’s hard to come across one that’s been treated correctly. The Orange Sanguine is one that I’ve never tried, but it’s a very sharp and bitter fragrance of bright citrus. Again, there have been citrus scents that end up smelling like tile cleaner but this smells amazing. It’s got the zest and tang of citrus that is nowhere near artificial.


If you mix the two together on your skin, you can make a creamsicle scent that is so, so good.

And in case you’re curious… My top three favorite perfumes/fragrances are: Harvey Prince’s Hello, Atelier Cologne Vanille Insensée, and Folle De Joie. 🙂




NEST Grapefruit Candle ($34) – I was never a fan of burning candles (also my dad didn’t really like having open flames in the house) but ever since I received the mini of this particular candle from my Nina Garcia Quarterly box, I have changed my mind (though, only for this particular candle and scent).

I think that I don’t react very well to soy wax candles (I end up feeling nauseated whenever I burn one) but give me highly refined, cosmetic-grade wax and I’ll be just fine, haha. The throw of this candle is AMAZING and the scent itself is honestly just the best. I cannot recommend this one enough. It really just infuses the entire room with the sweet lightness of grapefruit.

Notes: Grapefruit, Lily of the Valley, Coriander Blossom, Green Nuances, Soft Woods.

I have a feeling that I would probably love most Nest candles, but for now… this will be the only one I burn because Nest candles are pricey and I don’t want to drop $34 on a candle scent that I’m not sure if I’ll love. XD


On the left (what I bought) and on the right (what I received in my Nina Garcia box).


As you can see, I’m pretty much through with the mini (2 oz), so thankfully my new 8.8 oz one came just in time for the end of fall/start of winter.

And that’s it! Just two mini bottles of perfume and a candle. I like things that smell good so I’m a sucker for these items. XD


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