Glossybox GWP Promo Code – Alex and Ani

Glossybox has a new promo code/GWP! Use ALEXANI to receive one of these Alex and Ani bracelets! You will either receive the bracelet in red or amber (as pictured above).

I really, really want to re-subscribe because of this, but I will hold off for now. Not because I don’t want an October box (I thought the October box wasn’t bad at all), but rather because of their cancellation policy. If I subscribe today, I will be forced to also stay with Glossybox through November… and I have no interest in doing so.

Their current policy is that you must cancel on the 14th of the prior month if you don’t want to be charged for the following month (if that uh… makes any sense haha). Seeing as how it is October 23rd today… I would rather wait until November 1st to try my luck. If this promo code still works on that date, then I’m totally game to resubscribe – even though I’m not at all interested in their spoiler (it’s a juice beauty moisturizer). :p

But if you don’t mind signing up for both the October and the November box or if you need to have one of these bracelets (because it is while supplies last)… then sign up! Or resubscribe! 🙂



    1. With Glossybox, I think I’ll always go with the monthly subscription just in case. YOU CAN NEVER BE TOO CAREFUL. :p And it’s just a hassle to make sure they don’t “accidentally” renew your 3/6/12 subscription when it’s almost over.

      Time to set a calendar reminder! XD

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