Nina Garcia Quarterly #NGQ04 Spoiler!

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 11.50.48 PM

Quarterly has finally announced a spoiler for the Nina Garcia Quarterly #NGQ04 box!

From Quarterly’s Facebook: “In line with the theme of Winter Essentials, Nina’s next box includes NUDE Skincare’s ProGenius Treatment Oil, a hydrating facial oil rich in omegas and natural oils that smooths and refreshes skin.”

No extra information on whether this is the full size (1 oz), which retails for $78 or the half size (0.5 oz), which retails for $39. Regardless, I’m kind of excited about this product due to all the great reviews on Sephora.

This box is hopefully going to ship in the first week of November and it is currently sold out so congratulations to those who are getting! For those who aren’t so lucky, definitely keep an eye out on the Quarterly page and sign up for the wait list if you’re interested in subscribing! Sometimes Quarterly will add additional boxes.


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