Trades #12


What is this post? Well… I do subscribe to a few boxes and there are inevitably things I won’t like or won’t use, so what do I do with them? I trade! (and okay, sometimes I will sell things too) But I really love trading, especially when I can get things I’ve coveted while I get rid of things I know I don’t want. So here’s just a quick post about things I’ve recently traded for!




What did I receive? I received this Harvey Prince Hello 10 ml tall spray (from the last Boxycharm box) and these Letter C Designs Pencils (from the September 2014 Popsugar box). I love Harvey Prince’s Hello so when I saw that they came out with a tall spray for Boxycharm, I totally wanted it. The pencils were just an addition because I love stationary.

What did I trade for it? I traded the Sachajuan Shiny Citrus Lotion that I received in the June 2014 Popsugar box. I was never going to use it so I was really happy to get rid of it. :p


What did I receive? I received this Harvey Prince Hello Roll-on. This went out in people’s September Ipsy bags and I was so sad when I didn’t get it… so of course I had to trade for it. Have I mentioned how much I love Harvey Prince’s Hello? Because I do. A lot. XD I honestly can’t get enough of this scent and it’s my go-to fragrance for all occasions.

What did I trade for it? I traded a Sumita Eyeliner in Jamun and an Acure Brightening Facial Scrub, both of which I received in previous Birchboxes!


What did I receive? I received this Alterna Haircare CC Caviar Cream. This went out in people’s September Ipsy bags and I was sad that I didn’t get it in mine. XD I feel like Ipsy just likes to troll me and never send anything I really want. But really, I got this for my mom because she really loves this stuff!

What did I trade for it? I traded the NYX Hot Singles Eyeshadow the I received in my September Ipsy bag. So basically, I had to trade for my ideal Ipsy bag… which is not so ideal. But I’d much rather spend the time and money to trade away things I know I won’t use than hold onto them like a hoarder.




What did I receive? I received this Koku Pouch from the Nina Garcia Quarterly box and this Demeter Dragon Fruit Roll-on. For some weird reason, I’m really obsessed with these Koku pouches – even though I think the raffia trim is super tacky. BUT I WANT THEM ALL ANYWAY.

As for the Demeter roll-on… well, ever since I received the Jasmine one, I’ve been interested in trying their other scents. This one didn’t disappoint! I wasn’t sure what to expect with dragonfruit (also known as pitaya) because I’ve had it before and it basically has no taste or scent. This had a really sweet scent but it’s not cloyingly sweet. (and I know that’s a terrible description) But uh… I guess a better description is that it kind of smells like vitamin water/lychee.

What did I trade for it? I traded the Miss Popular Bubble Bath Powder from the Fall FCS box, Wash With Joe Body Wash from a past Coed Supply box, and Cailyn Art Touch Tinted Lip Gloss from the September Ipsy bag.








What did I receive? I received Julep Ramona and Julep Tammi. I don’t wear nail polish, but I like pretty colors. That’s honestly all there is to it. XD More often than not, when someone requests a swap with me that contains lower-value items, I’ll end up choosing Julep polishes if the items they chose were items I really wanted to get rid of.

What did I trade for it? I traded the Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair!™ Deep Conditioning Mask and BareMinerals Ready Eyeshadow 2.0 in Muse and Passion from previous Ipsy bags. I didn’t like the scent of the Briogeo mask and I have no use for more eyeshadow, really.



  1. I am also in love with HP Hello. I’ve been trying SO HARD not to buy the full size but I want ittttttt. I think I’ll splurge with my BB points after I review my November items!

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