Popsugar Must Have Neiman Marcus 2014 Limited Edition Box FULL SPOILERS!


The FULL spoilers for the Popsugar Must Have Neiman Marcus 2014 box have been released, all thanks to Shauna999 at MUT, who actually went to a Neiman Marcus to look at the box. (Yes, select Neiman Marcus stores are carrying limited amounts of these boxes – so check out their website to see if a store near you will carry this box!) But if you don’t want to go to the store or if none are close enough, this box is still available on the Popsugar website!

Both photos below are courtesy of Shauna999! 🙂



So what does this year’s Neiman Marcus box include?

– Clare V Foldover Leather Clutch ($220)
– Swing Design Mia Glass Storage Box ($40)
– Missoni Home by Apothia Candle ($88)
– Monica Rich Kosann Cream Enamel Frame ($100)
– Maribelle Aztec Hot Chocolate Tin ($26)
– Chantecaille Brillant Gloss ($33)
– Chantecaille Supreme Clis Mascara ($52)
– Lancer, The Method: Nourish ($125)

I’ll be honest… I’m not all that impressed by this year’s Neiman Marcus box. Last year’s was AMAZING and completely worth the $250 price tag. However, this year’s pales in comparison. 😦 The only item that really interests me is the Clare V clutch, but that’s because I love clutches (even though I already have too man) and because blue and black are two of my favorite colors. :p I’m really glad I decided to skip this box but I hope those who bought it will love it!



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