November 2014 Julep Maven Review


The Breakdown:
Monthly | Cost: $24.99/month | 2-3 nail polishes + beauty item(s)
Ships via USPS | Ships to the US




As always, there are information cards included and a promotion code for your next order (use DROP30 to get 30% off). In addition, they added a holiday gift guide promoting their new beauty items and I have to say that eyeshadow palette looks amazing!


First look!


And of course, Julep is thoughtful enough not to only include a small treat but also the ingredients/allergen warning. Unfortunately these were absolutely disgusting. The outside becomes a chalky, caramel-flavored, artificial lump that is barely edible and the inside is like eating just the oreo cream filling. SO GROSS. (don’t get me wrong, I like the oreo cream filling, but not like this).




Kiki ($11.20) – Oceanic silver shimmer. I really wanted more blues to add to my collection of Julep polishes, so this was the perfect choice! The silvery shimmer is gorgeous and this is a perfect frost-like shade for winter.




Devon ($11.20) – Slate grey with fuchsia microshimmer. This is even more beautiful in person because of the way it catches the light at different angles. I really don’t think my photos do this polish justice, but I’ve tried to capture this color in the following photos so that you can get a better idea of what it looks like!


There are definitely hints of pink/red/warm colors from the fuchsia.


It looks really “soft”, if that makes any sense.


My two November picks! ALSO! My friend Amy over at misCELLany reminded me that these two colors are very Frozen-appropriate. 😀 Which I think is a really cool added bonus. I hadn’t even thought about coordinating my two choices to be Frozen-related, but it somehow worked out that way. XD


Oxygen Nail Treatment ($14.40) – This is my second time getting this item because it trades well! :p I could have gone for another polish or a different beauty item, but nothing really jumped out at me this month.


Next month will be my last month with Julep, so I’m hoping I’ll really like the colors they have. 🙂


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