Birchbox Full Size Order #08


This is my eighth Birchbox order! The entire reason as to why I even bothered placing this order was because I had finally made it to the 13 month mark on my very first Birchbox account, so I received a promo code for 25% off. Now I couldn’t pass that up because the Birchbox codes usually only allow you to take off 20%. Plus, there were some items that I actually do need. :p


Kikkerland USB Flex Multi Light ($13) – I have had my eye on this for a while because I actually feel like this would be really helpful at work. Some of the rooms I work in are kind of dark and my computer screen isn’t as bright as I’d like it to be, even with the screen brightness at the highest possible setting.  This has 10 LED lights and it’s a lot bigger than I had thought it would be! But I’m starting to think that it’s a good thing because bigger = more light.


That’s a regular-sized Toblerone bar in the photo for size comparison.


Here it is in action. (and haha this is my work computer)


I have to say that I like it quite a lot. It also works nicely on my Macbook Pro (my personal computer).


Dr. Jart+ Blackhead Master Patch – 1X ($7.50) – I have never tried a blackhead patch or strip (honestly, I didn’t even know that they existed until a year ago) so I added this one in because I’ve heard some good things about it and at $7.50, I didn’t mind giving it a try! I’ll probably use it next week and I’m hoping for good results. 🙂


True Utility® Jacknife ($19.95) – I’ve always wanted a small knife like this so when I saw it in the men’s section of the Birchbox shop, I just knew I had to get it sooner or later. Thankfully I ordered it just in time because I checked the product page a couple of days later and it was listed as out of stock.


It’s really well-made. I love the contrast between the silver, black, and wood. It’s a nice weight in your hand and the design of the handle fits perfectly. It is hard to open/close the first few times because it’s a new piece of equipment, but I have no doubt that it’ll be easy to open after some use.


There’s a belt clip on the other side.


Opened! It’s really not a big blade, but I think it will be handy. (not that I anticipate using it, but just in case…) It’s not a switchblade – you need two fingers (at least) to open it. It has two clicks before it is locked in the position pictured above. Honestly, I just love how cool it looks.


Eastern Collective Lightning Cable in Galactic ($25.95) – This was actually another item I needed. I currently have two lightning cables for my iPhone 5S – one in the car (for the car charger) and then one that I bring back and forth between work and home. I was getting tired of bringing the second one back and forth because I just wanted to keep one in the car, one in my work bag, and then one at home on my desk. So when I saw this in the men’s section of the Birchbox shop (seriously, they have some awesome stuff there), I knew I was going to get one ASAP.


It took me a long time to settle on a color/pattern but I eventually chose this one (galactic). This works perfectly and I have no problems charging my iPhone to full power – highly recommended! It’s super colorful and eye-catching so you’ll never miss or forget it.


Gorjana Tira Cuff Ring ($38) – I love simple rings and so I’ve had this on my “want” list for a while now. I just never put it on my cart until I got my 25% off code because I figured that would probably be the biggest discount I’ll have until my 30th month (which is 30% off). But by then, my points will be expired because it will have been more than a year (points expire after 365 days, just FYI).




You can technically wear it “reversed” too!


It’s like having two layering rings in one because of how it is designed and I love it.


My mystery sample pack! Number 4 is my hated enemy, but I’ll take it over a foil sample. The Acure Brightening Facial Scrub is actually pretty awesome for its value (~$12); I’ve received it before but traded it away, so maybe I’ll use it this time around.


My eighth Birchbox order!


So I paid $0.00 for this order! I honestly made this order for two reasons: the 25% off code and the fact that there were some items I really needed in my every day life. This mix of items is actually pretty representative of what I like. I love tech items, skin care, simple jewelry, and the occasional danger. 😉 I already want to purchase more of the lightning cables because my entire family has iPhones so I know they’d love them. (and I want them in other colors too haha). I think this is actually one of my most practical orders because I’m already using or will soon be using everything I ordered.



  1. Oo, nice work!! And my last two pick two’s were ALL foil samples!! Whats up with that?! Punishment, probably for my super awesome pick two of Liz Earle and LAQA & Co. I like that knife and the ring is super pretty, too!

    1. Thank you! 😀

      Apparently Birchbox is sending out a plethora of foil samples, namely… hairkop foils. XD I just got two of those in my latest Birchbox order, so it’s definitely not just you!

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