November 2014 Ipsy Review


The Breakdown:
Monthly | Cost: $10/month | Beauty and Makeup
Ships via DHL | Ships to US, Canada


The bag this month was probably my favorite thing. XD It’s sparkly, but the glitter won’t shed because it’s encased in plastic! The pop of pink at the zipper is perfect and I definitely will use this.


This bag was apparently a collaboration with Forever 21 Cosmetics!


IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye (Travel size, $8) – I have no idea how big this is because I didn’t even open it. XD I have actually already traded this away (I dropped it off at the post office a couple of days ago, haha) so I didn’t want to compromise the product. I estimated this as 1/3 of the full size and that’s how I got the value.


J. Cat Beauty Wonder Lip Paint in Mad Splatter (Full size, $4.99) – This is basically a cheaper version of the OCC Lip Tar. I now have both… but I’m not really interested in trying either one. XD I can already tell that this one is a bit too “red” for me/for every day wear. The OCC Lip Tar I have is Black Dahlia and is probably too dark for me. XD


Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Hairspray (53 ml/1.5 fl oz, $1.38) – I don’t know why Ipsy insists on sending me hairsprays because I don’t use them at all. Seriously, I don’t even bother trying them, I just throw them in a box and put them on my trade list… which is exactly what is going to happen to this one too.


SeaRx Birchsap Moisturizing Lotion (Size: ?, $0.50) – I have no idea what size this is because there’s nothing printed on it to indicate otherwise so I’m just going to guess that this is worth only 50 cents because I don’t really see how something so small could be worth more. This smells pretty good though – kind of a lemongrass/citrus scent. I’ll use it but it’s really not an impressive sample.


Starlooks Gem Eye Pencil in Ultra Olive (Full size, $17.00) – Oh man, this is worth 1.5x the cost of the bag but I’m not all that interested in it because glitter eyeliner really isn’t me. The olive is kind of awesome because it looks like a darker gold but I don’t think I will use it.


My November 2014 Ipsy bag!

Overall value: $31.87

Overall enjoyment: This was one of Ipsy’s weaker months for me, especially considering that there were a lot of other items I would have rather received! I think I’ll give them another month to try and wow me or I’m most likely going to drop this subscription because they’re just not worth it to me.



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