November 2014 Nicky Hilton Fancy Box Review


Nicky Hilton Fancy Box
The Breakdown:
Monthly | Cost: $39/month + $7.95 shipping | Items picked by Nicky Hilton
Ships via FedEx | Ships worldwide!


Fancy boxes are always ridiculously big and needlessly so.


First look.


Gama Go Cool Pop Spatula ($4.80): This normally retails for $12, but it’s currently on sale for $4.80 on Fancy’s website. I love baking so spatulas are always welcome, but I feel like it’s in poor form to send out items that are on sale – especially ones that are so deeply discounted. At that point, it’s like… why would I even bother getting a Fancy box? I’ll just wait for spoilers and then buy the same items myself for cheaper.








Tea Duckie Tea Infuser ($6): This normally retails for $12, but it’s currently on sale for $6.00 on Fancy’s website. I actually already have one of these. XD I bought it last year and haven’t really used it but it is adorable. However, I am again annoyed at Fancy for sending something that is currently on sale. Because, seriously? C’mon.




Waku Sweater Mug ($12) – I couldn’t find this on Fancy’s website, but I found it on another site. This is kind of cute, but I’m over receiving mugs/cups/etc. (not that I have received a lot) But I really don’t need so many – I have my Bodum mugs that work just fine and aren’t showing any signs of wear, so all other mugs and cups are just excessive. But this would make for a good Christmas gift. If my coworkers do some sort of white elephant thing or gift exchange, I’ll just throw this one in. :p






Macaroon Trinket Box ($20) – This is kind of cute and are currently sold out on the Fancy website. I feel like I don’t really have a use for this, but it could make for a good gift because it is well-made and comes in a nice box. Plus, macaroons are still kind of “in”. Or at least, I still really enjoy eating them, haha.




Cilio Chocolate Fondue Set ($27.95) –  I do like fondue and chocolate fondue is great, but… I don’t really see how Nicky Hilton would have chosen something like this for her box. I mean… this entire box is just kind of a huge random assortment of items.


November 2014 Nicky Hilton Fancy Box

Overall value: $70.75

Overall enjoyment: I honestly see this as a box of marked down products with some other random “higher value” items thrown in to make it to their promised value for this box. I really don’t see a theme or even the slightest clue as to the fact that this is a celebrity-curated box. In fact, this is more like a Fancy mystery box – but I feel like the value for those are better. If I had known this was the kind of “quality” and “standard” for this box, I would have gone with a mystery box just to try my luck. Not impressed.



    1. Oh man, that’s terrible. 😦 At least the pillow can be… functional? XD I know the emergency rescue kits are kind of lame since you could probably put one together with things you have around the house.

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