December 2014 Loot Crate Spoiler!



Loot Crate has released the theme and quite a few spoilers for their December box! The theme is ANNIVERSARY and it’s all about celebrating a selection of geek and gaming franchises that have had significant anniversaries in 2014! Loot Crate says that this will literally be the biggest crate they have ever delivered in terms of size (so we know there will be some extra awesome packed in).

There will be exclusives featuring DC Comics/Batman & Marvel/Guardians of the Galaxy. In addition, there will also have an exclusive Ghostbusters collectible, a variant cover comic exclusive to Looters, and epic Tetris and The Simpsons items rounding things out!

And the coolest thing is…

unnamed (1)

Every crate will include a brand new, never before-seen Funko POP! Vinyl figure created exclusively for Loot Crate! If you love Funko POP Vinyl figures, you probably won’t want to miss December’s Loot Crate.

You can use the code ANNIVERSARY to save $3 off on your subscription!



  1. Biggest waste of my money in a long time. It’s December 2014 almost the year 2015, in this day and age you would think that the days of blatantly deceptive hype and marketing are done — I haven’t been this over sold on anything like this since I can’t even remember — but lootcrate has no shame, in dropping big names to make you think the December was going to be great. I felt so ripped off, I cancelled my subscription 30 minutes after opening my December crate! In the hype and on paper it sounds like it should be their biggest crate ever (quality wise!), turned out to be probably their biggest let down — ever, so disappointing:

    Batman 75th ANNIVERSARY = a generic pop vinyl style bobblehead of the Joker?????
    Marvel 75th ANNIVERSARY = a Captain America car air-freshener!!!!!!???
    Ghostbusters 30th ANNIVERSARY = PAPER doorknob hanger!!!!!?????? LC says this is “collectible”…
    Tetris 30th ANNIVERSARY = stickers of individual tetris blocks. Stickers?????
    The Simpsons 25th ANNIVERSARY = a paper-type wallet????

    Guardians of the Galaxy = baby groot socks = Nice!
    An issue of Batman (with the LC logo on it) = Okay…

    To be fair, LC did say this was going to be their biggest lootcrate “size-wise”, but i didn’t really think it were really promoting the fact that they were sending out their biggest cardboard box ever, which turned out to be 40% unused space… thanks for your biggest cardboard box ever…

    Sorry kids, I’m one of those geeks who doesn’t stand for subpar. I work hard for my money and there isn’t much to go around these days, so this Christmas I thought I’d treat myself to my first-ever LootCrate. I had stumbled across LC in October and it looked really tempting, I’m a gullible geek… Like I said I felt really ripped off, what should have been a great box, was a great disappointment. Subscription cancelled.

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