Leonard & Church Review (KICKSTARTER)


Earlier in August this year, I became a backer for Leonard & Church’s Kickstarter campaign because I am somewhat getting into watches now. :p There were different tiers of support you could pledge and when I saw that this was endorsed by Arden Cho, I knew this was legit. I was really tempted to get two watches from Leonard & Church, but because they were relatively unknown and I hadn’t seen the quality of the watches for myself, I went ahead and just got one.

It cost $70 and I think it was totally worth it. Now watches from the classic collection will cost $95 each. Looking back, I probably should have gotten two different styles because these are really awesome and I love how timeless they look! They are unisex and the case is 40 mm (which may be a little too big for some) but I love watches that are bigger in diameter.


I definitely enjoyed the packaging. 🙂


A box within a box.


And voila! I chose #14: new classics – rose gold case, black dial, brown leather strap. This one immediately caught my eye when I was looking through the different styles they were offering. It’s just not something you see in most collections so I was definitely tempted by that very fact.

DSC_0693 DSC_0694

If you’re curious about this company…


My friends and I wanted to buy a quality, well designed luxury watch but were frustrated with the current state of the bloated luxury watch industry. Brands, middle men, brokers, and retailers regularly mark-up luxury watches up to 1000%, severely inflating the true cost of a quality affordable timepiece. We started Leonard & Church to create a new way to buy a luxury watch. We want to offer meticulously crafted, handmade luxury watches at a radical price point.”


The strap is made with genuine leather that is buttery soft.



The cases themselves are pretty thin (6.6mm) and the watch itself is so light that you barely feel its weight on your wrist. I normally prefer heavier, bulkier watches (think G-Shock watches), but I definitely wanted a watch that was more appropriate for work… as well as a watch that could be worn casually.


“As a small thank you we are happy to announce we will be upgrading all backers with a custom engraving on our case backplate commemorating our Kickstarter campaign and the very first batch of Leonard & Church timepieces – Batch #000001 is for Kickstarter supporters only.”




Each watch came with a little instruction/information booklet.


The really awesome thing about this watch? 10 year warranty.


I seriously love this watch and I cannot recommend the brand enough. I want to buy more from Leonard & Church because not only are their watches fantastic quality, they are also very affordable. If you’re looking to update or upgrade your accessory game, then I’d say this is a great place to start.

The next one I’m eying is either #6 or #12.



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