December 2014 Orange Glad Review


Orange Glad
The Breakdown:
Monthly | Cost: $21.95/month | Deluxe desserts |
Ships via USPS Priority 2 Day Mail | Ships to the US


I recently bought their 3 month subscription because they had an awesome deal on Black Friday and I’ve always wanted to try them! They ship USPS Priority 2 Day mail so you get your treats super quick. However, I never got a tracking number so I guess these boxes just arrive when they do (although their FAQs do state that you’re supposed to get an email with tracking – maybe mine just ended up in spam). But since this first one arrived so quickly, I have absolutely no problem with that!

Their packaging is so wonderful! It’s basically a small box inside a big box. (The bow looks crooked because I couldn’t wait and opened it so that I could peek inside and I’m terrible at tying bows so this is what it turned out to be).


The actual treats themselves are buried inside the squigglies so it’s kind of like a treasure hunt in which you can keep unearthing new and delicious items. XD




Malvi Marshmallow Vanilla Salted Caramel Mallow – Oh man, this was definitely a treat. If you love butter cookies and salted caramel and marshmallows, you will die for these. You can taste each component of this mini sandwich and it is way decadent. The cookies are crunchy and buttery, the salted caramel is just the right amount of “salted”, and the marshmallows are appropriately soft.


The Poisoned Apples Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel – Okay, so I usually say I don’t like shortbread/butter cookies but this box and its contents are seriously challenging that opinion! This just MELTS in your mouth. The shortbread is buttery and crumbly in the right way. Pair that with an absolutely beautiful rich caramel, dark chocolate, and black and white sea salt? HEAVEN. This is probably my favorite item in the entire box and that’s saying a lot because I usually don’t go for shortbread in my dessert. Also, I love the name of this company!


McTavish Gingerbread Man – I bit off the head first, of course. You ALWAYS bite off the head first. This was so good and reminded me of both Thanksgiving (pumpkin pie) and Christmas because of the spices in the cookie. The fact that it was dipped in white chocolate made it perfect. It was dense, but not too dense. It was soft, but it didn’t crumble when you bit into it. It was just the right amount of “buttery” and spice. This was just honestly really, really good. I don’t know what else to say. I want another one or at least the recipe so I can bake my own.




Pop Bar Hot Chocolate on a Stick – I’ve seen these in other subscription boxes and have always wanted one! I love hot chocolate, especially with a shot of peppermint syrup during the holidays. I don’t drink coffee so I usually get a hot chocolate or tea when I’m at a cafe. I’m really excited to try this because it is a big square of milk chocolate (and honestly, I’m awfully tempted to just eat the milk chocolate by itself, haha).


Three Kids Kitchen Original Caramel & Salted Caramel  I will never say no to caramels in any subscription box! I can make my own caramel (and I do at Christmas!) but it’s just nicer when someone else makes them for you. 😉 The information card is awesome enough to let you know how long each item in the box will last and these were labeled with “please enjoy right away”. So of course I’ve already eaten them both. XD They weren’t the best caramels I’ve ever had but they were still absolutely wonderful. I’d eat them again. 😉


The info card!


I just realized this photo is only focused on the marshmallow sandwich, oops. XD

Overall enjoyment: I am so happy with this first box! There is nothing I didn’t like and that’s actually really hard to accomplish. Not that I’m a super picky eater, but there is usually something that will just be “okay” or not very impressive. This box? SUPER IMPRESSIVE. Especially considering there were two items that had shortbread/butter cookies (which I don’t really enjoy), but this box has definitely changed my mind for certain kinds of shortbread cookies.

If you think this looks awesome – it would also be kind of awesome if you use my referral code IRISOG31788! You will receive $5 credit for your new subscription. 🙂



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