Birchbox Full Size Order #09


This is my ninth Birchbox order! I made this order for two reasons – one, to get the Kate Spade GWP Necklace (because I really wanted one) and two, to make my own “limited edition” box since I didn’t want to buy any of the ones Birchbox offered in their entirety. I really liked one or two items from each of the holiday limited edition boxes, but that wasn’t enough to warrant spending $40-$99 on any of them. So I used my points and bought the items separately. It was also nice of Birchbox to send everything in such a festive box!

DSC_0439 DSC_0440

Rosanna Alhambra Small Vessel ($15.00) – In copying the Vanity Affair LE box, which has the medium vessel, I went and bought the small one! The vessel was the only thing I really wanted from this particular LE box and since I already have the medium one, it reminded me that I should get the small vessel. I wanted the small one too so that I could make some sort of matching pair with the two.  :p


They look better together!


Baggu Classic Tote Bag in Dark Blue ($9.00) – I love Baggu tote bags for how light they are and how easy they are to fold up. Since California is going to be plastic bag free very soon, I thought it would be smart to grab one to just keep in my car in case I make a sudden grocery store run. Dark blue is one of my favorite colors so of course I had to get it in this color!

DSC_0447 DSC_0450

Milk Bar Confetti Cookie Mix ($16.00) – Okay, so I love Milk Bar/Momofuku. LOVE THEM. My friend from New York once sent me four of their cookies and they were absolutely amazing. In addition, I’ve actually made their crack pie from scratch using their published recipe, so I know their stuff is top notch. So of course, when I saw that Birchbox was carrying their cookie mix? I knew I had to buy one ASAP.

was going to buy the Home Sweet Homespun box, but I saw the cookie mix was for the cornflake, chocolate, marshmallow variety. I really wanted to try the confetti mix (because birthday cake is the best flavor, duh) so I passed on that limited edition box and bought this instead!

DSC_0451 DSC_0452 DSC_0454 DSC_0455

S’well 17 oz Bottle in Electric Eel ($35.00) – I have wanted one of these ever since I started getting into subscription boxes because a Popsugar box had sent one out and I could never trade for one. Yes, I could have easily bought one, but I didn’t want to spend that much money on one water bottle… so I waited. And I’m so glad that I did because I got this with my points instead! Plus, I got to choose the color of my water bottle!

This was in the Men’s Conscious Commerce LE box but I really didn’t want anything else in that box and it was going for $88 so I just got this by itself. It is so sleek and beautiful. I can’t wait to try it because it is supposed to keep cold drinks cold for 24 hours and hot drinks hot for 12 hours.

DSC_0457 DSC_0459

Kate Spade Saturday Enamel Locket Necklace in Blue ($40) – This was a GWP for orders over $75 and I knew I wanted it the moment Birchbox announced it on their Instagram. There was a choice between Fuchsia, Blue, and Gold. I was originally torn between gold and blue… but I thought it would be more unique to get blue in the end because hey, you can get a gold locket anywhere!

This necklace actually retails for $40 on the KSS website! I got it instead of the 20% off because 20% of $75 is $15 and I’d rather have a KSS necklace than save $15 in points. :p

I had really wanted the Made Nungunungu Necklace from the Women’s Conscious Commerce box, but since the entire box was retailing for $68, I thought I’d just pass on it (even though I loved the clutch!) and get a variety of items I’d much rather have and substitute the Made necklace for this KSS necklace.




The back.


So gorgeous!


My mystery sample pack! Both are foils… so I emailed to ask Birchbox for a new sample pack because the description on the website promised at least one deluxe sample. Neither of these foils are deluxe since they’re just one-use items.


So the replacement mystery pack came… and I laughed when I saw another foil sample. XD But I love Atelier Cologne’s Vanille Insensee so I consider it a win.


My ninth Birchbox order!


So I paid $5.30 for this order. XD I could have paid $0 if I wanted to use another gift card, but… I held off since getting all of this for just ~$5 is totally worth it. I basically made my own limited edition box by mimicking the ones that Birchbox was offering. :p

Vanity Affair (Medium Vessel) –> Small Vessel
Home Sweet Homespun (Cornflake/chocolate chip/marshmallow mix) –> Confetti mix
Men’s Conscious Commerce (S’well 17 oz, varied colors) –> S’well 17 oz in Electric Eel
Women’s Conscious Commerce (Made necklace) –> KSS locket necklace
+ Baggu Classic Tote bag for fun.



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