December 2014 Loot Crate Review


Loot Crate
The Breakdown:
Monthly | Cost: $13.37/ month + $6 shipping (US) | Geek & Gamer Gear
Ships via USPS or Fedex | Ships to: US, UK, Canada, Australia


First look! I hadn’t subscribed to Loot Crate in a while (last time was August), but when they announced that this was the anniversary-themed box and that it would be one of the biggest boxes they have ever sent out. But… I’m not quite sure they delivered on that promise. I don’t think this is literally the biggest box they have sent out. XD Feel free to correct me if it is, but this just really isn’t a big box.

Oh and just a note, as it was mentioned in their spoilers, this is not Loot Crate’s anniversary… rather: “it’s all about celebrating a selection of geek and gaming franchises that have had significant anniversaries in 2014!”

DSC_1149 DSC_1151

The Joker Batman-Batman POP! Vinyl Figure by Funko – This is a Loot Crate exclusive and I love how wacky it is! XD I feel like this is just the right type of crazy for a Batman cosplaying Joker. Those swirly-eyes are creepy and I’m totally keeping this, hahaha.

DSC_1153 DSC_1154

Dancing Groot Crew Socks by HYP Hosiery – GROOT SOCKS! Can you believe that I still haven’t watched Guardians of the Galaxy? XD I probably should get on it but I just haven’t found the time because I’m more of a TV person (and I’ve been binge-watching a lot of TV). Anyway, I think these are super cute in the way that ugly Christmas sweaters are cute… which means I like them! :p

DSC_1155 DSC_1156

Simpsons Cast Mighty Wallet – Mighty wallets are really well-made because they can take a lot of damage and still stay in one piece. I’ve never really watched The Simpsons, though I do know enough about the show since it is aways being mentioned in pop culture. I actually already have my own mighty wallet… and because mine is in such good shape, this might be gifted or traded!


Captain America Air Freshener by PlastiColor – Is anyone else amused by the fact that Captain America gets to smell like vanilla? Is this supposed to say that his personality is vanilla? :p I don’t use air fresheners in my car so I’ll probably put this in the swap pile. I still have the Sonic one from the August Loot Crate!


Tetris Sticker Set by Paladone – OMG. Okay. Out of all the items in the box, I think this is my favorite because I love stickers! I collected stickers as a kid and I still have all the ones from my childhood stashed somewhere in my room. These are seriously really awesome because you can use the tetris blocks to create whatever shape you want (and also because I love tetris). It also comes with a design booklet in case you couldn’t think of anything in particular. I’m going to see if I can… re-decorate my work computer with these. XD


Ghostbusters Door Hanger – Yeah, this is… worth nothing to me. I’m not a Ghostbusters fan and even if I were, I wouldn’t hang this on my door.


Extras – Ever since January 2014, Loot Crate has sent out a pin every month. The candy cane is a small extra.


Batman Comic Book Issue 36 – Oh man, this is pretty sweet. I mean, I’m not a huge comic book fan but this is an exclusive (the cover art is by Greg Capullo) and it’s BATMAN. I can’t really say no to Batman. (speaking of which, I should really start watching Gotham).


I loved this month’s actual box too!


It’s designed to be like Batman’s cave!


The December 2014 Loot Crate!

Overall enjoyment: I think this was pretty awesome, even if I can’t appreciate all of the items. They included a lot of great franchises and characters for this anniversary crate. My favorite are those tetris stickers and the POP! Funko joker-batman is a close second. 😉 I think I would have loved this box more if I had watched Guardians of the Galaxy or didn’t already have a mighty wallet.



  1. At first I thought the same, it didnt look like their biggest crate ever, especially since it was such a hodge podge of stuff and not really themed (like past crates). If you add it all up, it was definitely “big” in value, but I was only interested in a few of the items and had a groupon (in which I got it all for $10) so it seemed small in nature, but I’m not a consistent subscriber of the loot crate, I like the idea of it, but alot of items from the past ones I still haven’t used.

    1. Oh man, that’s so true! I never really do a cost break-down for Loot Crate but this crate definitely did have great value (and exclusives!).

      I’m definitely not a consistent subscriber either, because I’ve found that while the items they send out are awesome, they’re not always for me. XD But I love keeping up with their spoilers/boxes to see what they’re up to!

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