Popsugar Must Have and Target Collaboration Box!

unnamed (5)

It’s a new year and a new limited edition box from Popsugar! This time they have teamed up with TARGET to bring you a fitness inspired box that is surprisingly cheaper than their past limited edition boxes. Get one for just $65!

And from their website:

“POPSUGAR and Target collaborated to bring you everything you’ll need to make 2015 your healthiest yet. Enjoy fun fitness finds and fresh beauty essentials that will keep you energized and happy for the new year and beyond! Limited quantities available. Boxes will ship by January 30.”

What: Target + Popsugar Collaboration Box
Cost: $65
Contents: Fun fitness finds and beauty essentials
When: Ships January 30

Personally I’m going to pass on this box. Unless of course, the spoilers are awesome and there are still boxes left to order at that time. :p The reason is that I would rather take that $65 to Target and just buy stuff I know I would like instead of gambling on whatever they might pick out. But who knows? It could be an amazing box. (could be) Hahaha.



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