Your Bijoux Box Grab Bag Review


Your Bijoux Box Grab Bag
The Breakdown:
One-Time Purchase | Cost: $25 | Jewelry
Ships via USPS | Ships to the USA


Aztec Statement Necklace – Well, let’s just get into it. This is one ugly piece. I’m sorry if this is your style and you think this is gorgeous, but this is just not me. Not at all. I find this to be extremely gaudy and garish. It’s obvious that they were trying to get rid of jewelry that wasn’t selling and at $5/piece, it’s not the worst deal, but… :/ This is probably the grossest piece of jewelry I currently own, hahaha. Everything about this is just wrong – from the color choices, the chain, to the design. I will say that this would be perfect for a Halloween costume, but… that’s about it.




Details. The little orange beads at the bottom remind me of goji berries. XD


Pavé Link Necklace – Okay, now this? This I love! It’s enough to make a statement, but still modest enough for everyday wear. This will go great with my office outfits and you can easily just wear this with any outfit to dress it up! I don’t have anything like this so it’s a wonderful addition to my closet.






More details. :p


Delicate Stone Bracelet – Yeah, I have no idea where this came from or what as it’s never been featured in one of their previous boxes from what I know. (which is why I made up that name, lol) The reason why I received this is… well, it’s probably because I asked for no earrings if possible, as I don’t have pierced ears. And I guess this is what they included instead? It’s not a bad piece, as it isn’t ugly… but it just feels so cheap. The stone? It’s plastic. And the bracelet itself is so flimsy that I probably could have gotten this at one of those toy vending machines at Toys R Us for 25 cents.


Details of the other side.


Margeaux Bangle in White – I… don’t hate or love this. I think it’s not terrible, but it’s also nothign to write home about. I mean, it looks good when I have it on, but it’s not something I would find myself reaching to put on when I want to look good, you know? :p


It’s a stretchy bracelet and here you can see the elastic.


Nina Oxblood Cuff – This was probably the prettiest piece in the entire grab bag! My mom saw it and said she liked it as I was opening this box… and so this ended up being part of her Christmas gift. :p I definitely would have kept it for myself but I think she has more outfits that would work with this bracelets and she would get more use out of it too. Mostly because I currently wear a watch on my left wrist and my Jawbone on my right wrist, so… not too much room for statement bracelets. XD


Another view.


Overall enjoyment: I really do hate that Aztec statement necklace and I’m not overly fond of the small bracelet nor the bangle. But… I love the pavé link necklace and I’m really glad that my mom loved the cuff! So it wasn’t the worst box ever, but I am really disappointed that they chose to send out such an ugly statement necklace. And from what I see, other people who bought this grab bag all got the same Aztec necklace. Lame. But… it is $5/piece so what’re you gonna do?

Oh and I got this box a while ago, like way before Christmas… but I just wasn’t motivated to post about it because it wasn’t terribly exciting and because these sold out in like 2 hours so it wasn’t available anyway. Ehhhhh, excuses excuses. XD In any case, if I were to be completely honest… I would have saved the $25 I spent on this box to put toward an actual monthly box from Your Bijoux Box. This was kind of a let-down for me.



  1. I.. have a hard time loving most of the boxes out there that are similar to this. It just seems like so much of the jewelry is cheap. Maybe if I was 16 or 20, I would like this kind of thing so maybe I’ve just aged out of a box like this? But you’re right, at $5 a pop, it’s not bad but it’s not exactly good either. Hm.

    1. Cheap sounds about right, unfortunately. :/ I kind of like the Cate and Chloe pieces that they sent out in the beginning but I’ve seen some reviews of their more recent ones and I’m just not a fan. I feel like I have to wait for Popsugar to send jewelry if I want something awesome. XD

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