Rosario Dawson Quarterly #18902 Review


 Rosario Dawson Quarterly
The Breakdown:
Monthly | Cost: $50/quarter
Fashion, lifestyle, and beauty
Ships via USPS | Ships to everywhere!


This… was a huge box. Seriously huge. I’m sure the FedEx guy wasn’t too happy with me for having to lug this to the front door. XD I put in a Birchbox for scale since I figured that’s the subscription most people would be familiar with. And as you can see… this box basically swallows the Birchbox.


Unfortunately this letter doesn’t really tell us anything, rather it says that things will be explained later online, but I have yet to see anything. No matter though! The theme was this box was advent calendar and there are 30 or 31 items (I can’t remember…). This was originally supposed to ship in November, but it got pushed all the way back to late, late December. So the advent calendar idea didn’t really pan out thanks to shipping woes, but at least the contents are still amazing.

Anyway… I got this box about a week and a half ago, but I kept putting off writing this review because there was just so much to cover that I got lazy. XD But I just don’t like doing “group” photos for products, even when there are so many because I like showing each and every single item.


Photo of Rosario Dawson and Chris Rock – This is a photo of the two of them on set for her new movie “Top Five”. I think this would be a great item for someone who is a huge fan of either Rosario or Chris, but unfortunately I probably won’t be keeping this since it’s just a photo. XD


Daredevil Poster – Rosario plays Claire Temple in this upcoming Netflix TV show. I have never seen the movie of this comic (though I’ve heard more than enough jokes about how terrible Ben Affleck was), but I do like the starkness of the black, white, and red in this poster.


RENT Wall Calendar for 2015 – This is really, really amazing. It looks more like a poster than a calendar because of how everything blends together so nicely. It has small doodles all over and cute little notes about certain dates too! And… I’ll tell you a secret, I’ve never watched RENT (but I have listened to the OST, haha). :p Despite never watching RENT, I am totally putting this up on my wall because it’s adorable and inspirational!


The coolest thing? Rosario signed it! You can tell because the ink is clearly from Sharpie whereas the rest of the poster is printed ink.




Rorschach Print Postcard  – On the back, it asks you what you see in this print. For me? I see General Grievous from Star Wars. XD Yes I’m that much of a geek, but it was literally the first thing that came to mind when I saw it! This is something else I won’t be keeping as it would just end up being clutter anyway.


Blowfish for Hangovers (2x) – Well… I rarely drink and even when I do, I basically only have one drink and that’s it. I don’t think I’ll really need these, but you never know! I’m definitely keeping these, just in case someone else can use them. Or if I decide to go crazy. (but then again, I totally didn’t when Real Madrid won La Decima or when Germany won the World Cup so…) XD


Optimum Nutrition Pro BCAA & Glutamine Support – I guess I’ll give this to my brother? I really don’t take supplements and I doubt this will taste very good so I really have no incentive to try it. :p


Studio 189 Bookmark – Studio 189 is a social enterprise created by Rosario Dawson and Abrima Erwiah that consist of creatives that seeks to provide a platform to help promote and curate African and African-inspired content. (I copied that word for word from the Studio 189 website). I never know what I do with my bookmarks so to receive one is pretty handy! Now if only I could find the time to read…


Tree Magnet – This is… a tree magnet. XD There’s really no other way to describe it, haha. But I like the simplicity of it and I think this is a safe choice as it can easily go with most people’s decor.




Studio 189 Coasters – We don’t use coasters in our house, never have, actually. But I like the tie-dye vibe that these give off and they can really jazz up a plain coffee table when you’re having guests over. These are sturdy and the backing is cork, which I appreciate (much better than one-use paper coasters for sure).




Occult Crimes Task Force Playing Cards – I LOVE PLAYING CARDS. I collect them! 😀 So of course I’m happy to see one included! But nothing will compare to the Princess Bride Deck I received in my December Geek Fuel box. That is the playing card deck to end all playing card decks. But that’s not to say these aren’t great – because they are!


Jelly Belly Jelly Beans – I received Green Apple and Cinnamon! Eating the two flavors together basically makes for cinnamon apple/apple cider. 😀 I don’t usually go out of my way to buy jelly beans, but I won’t say no to them either, hehe. My favorite is the juicy pear flavor by Jelly Belly.

The question mark on the label goes with the link that was printed on the other side: It’s actually a pretty great video that will make you rethink how you’re using your time. I think it’s perfect to watch at the end of a year so that you can reflect and plan ahead for the new year.


Mini Candy Cane – I’m glad this one didn’t arrive broken like the one in my December Loot Crate did!




A Lump of Coal – Hahahahahaha. This is a rubber piece of coal. PERFECT TROLL STOCKING STUFFER!!! I am totally saving this and putting this in my brother’s gift next year, it’ll be perfect and it kills me because I’ll have to wait an entire YEAR to troll him, but it will be so worth it. I love that Rosario included this – wicked sense of humor!

This would also be an awesome thing to include as part of a White Elephant gift to screw with people.


Noise Makers – Just some fun for New Year Eve!


Chocolate Coin – It’s a chocolate coin. XD What more do you want me to say? :p


Billiard Bouncy Ball – I was excited for this just because I wanted to see what color/number I would receive. Yes, I know that’s lame but it’s the small things! (sometimes literally, haha).


What’s in the box?


Walnut Ornaments – I think there’s some sort of reason why people decorate walnuts, but the story escapes me. And… Google is once again the winner. Here is the reason why people decorate walnuts. There could be other reasons/meanings behind them but this was the first thing I saw.


Vending Machine Mini Voodoo Doll – YESSSSS. This was another thing I was excited for haha. These were really popular in Taiwan… maybe 5-8 years ago? I have no idea when it was, just that it was literally in ALL the claw machines and vending machines as mystery items. And I was really happy to receive blue (I was hoping for either blue or green).


And here you can see my personal Christmas giant voodoo doll! I definitely got this in Taiwan as a claw machine prize because I love playing those claw machines. 😉 I actually have another giant voodoo doll, but that one is yellow and wears a Yankees jersey. (I’m not a fan of baseball, haha).


Big Apple Circus Juggling Balls – Maybe a New Year resolution for me could be to learn how to juggle. :p I actually don’t know how to, but it’s something I’ve always wanted to master because it’s just cool to watch other people do it.


Wooden Spoon – It is literally a wooden spoon. XD This was supposed to come with a stuffed peppers recipe, but my box didn’t include it. (and that’s okay because I don’t think I would have made them anyway)! But wooden spoons are awesome for baking and cooking, so I’ll happily add this to my arsenal of kitchen tools.


Studio 189 Batik Sunglasses Bag – All of my sunglasses have cases or bags, so I might just have to find another use for this or gift it. But this is honestly so pretty (I love things in blue) that I will most likely keep it for myself. :p I could probably use it carry around candy, hahaha. (just kidding)


Close up of the detail and color!




Underarmor Headband – There was a lot of variation in this product! All of them were UA, but other people received hair ties (several different colors and styles) or thinner headbands. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone else with this variation yet! I was kind of hoping for hair ties, but I already have tons thanks to subscription boxes so it was kind of a nice surprise to receive this headband instead. It actually has great staying power and it doesn’t hurt (sometimes these can be too tight and end up giving me a headache – when that happens, I just end up going for the bobby pins).

This came with the tags still on… including the price tag and this alone retails for $17.99.


Honest Company Organic Healing Balm – Now this isn’t the best-smelling stuff, but it works! I actually have the full size and another mini like this one in the house. It is very thick and pretty greasy when you first apply it, but if you can get past those two factors, you’ll come to understand how great this stuff is.


Honest Company Fruit and Veggie Wash – I don’t know if I’ll actually use this because I unscrewed the top of the spray bottle to smell the actual solution inside and it doesn’t smell very pleasant. I don’t know if I’d want to spray it onto things I’m going to eat, but I might give it a try anyway. Honest Company products haven’t let me down yet!

Oh and the way you’re supposed to use this is by spraying the fruit or vegetable, leaving it alone for 1-2 minutes, rub the solution in with your hands or a kitchen brush, and then rinsing it thoroughly under water before enjoying.


Honest Company Lemongrass Hand Soap – I don’t really like the scent of lemongrass… so I’ll be putting this in someone else’s bathroom and not mine. :p But this soap itself is great! I just don’t want to walk around smelling lemongrass whenever my hands move. I’m currently still working through the Caldrea Rosewater Driftwood from Popsugar and also a Fortune Cookie Soap foaming hand soap in The Shiz (my all time favorite scent).




Bobble Sport Water Bottle – This filters water as you drink it and I’ve always wanted one of these, no lie! I saw them in my university’s bookstore and every time I thought… maybe I’ll buy it next time. Before I knew it, I had graduated and I still hadn’t bought one. XD Now I don’t have to! This is why I love subscription boxes – they either introduce you to new things that you’ve never even thought of or they bring you things you couldn’t bring yourself to buy.

There was also variation in the color you could have received. I was hoping for the dark blue, but I’ll take this light blue over all the other colors because it’s blue. 🙂




Henry Lambertz Kostlichkeiten German Cookies – I love that she included so many sweets! I want to say that I ate them all, but I didn’t. I was nice and I shared these with my family. They were about as good as you would expect, but not better than Pepperidge Farms cookies or Girl Scout cookies. :p My favorite was the one with cranberries!


Studio 189 Oversized Tote – This is absolutely GORGEOUS and it’s HUGE too. I love how soft the material is and I love the pattern/colors. This would actually make for a wonderful gift for a math teacher! (but no, because I’m keeping it and the last time I took math was freshman year in college haha… but I am friends with my AP Calculus teacher on Facebook). :p

I think this is just really awesome and I kept touching it. XD I don’t think I want to use it to go buy groceries, but I might use it to go clothes-shopping since our area is plastic bag free and you have to pay for any and all kinds of bags.

All of the smaller items you saw pictured earlier were stuffed in this bag! So it was like a mystery grab bag within a mystery box. (I love mysteries within mysteries).


Some more detail.


This was basically as big as the entire box.


And of course I saved the best for last!




Coach Double Zip Wristlet – Yes, a Coach item in a subscription box! I could not believe it when the spoilers for this box came out!! I love Coach bags because they are sturdy and affordable if you go to an outlet. 😉 Plus I like their minimalistic designs – like this one! It is pretty roomy and I can definitely fit my cards, cash, and keys in there with no problems whatsoever.

I know people were upset that this was too small for their phablets, but come on. XD If you have a big phone, you need to understand that most cute bags won’t fit your giant brick of a cellphone. I personally have an iPhone 6+ with an Otterbox case and a glass screen protector so it is heavy as shit and definitely too wide for all the cute little bags I have. (I was really sad when it wouldn’t fit the Sorial crossbody that came in the November Popsugar box because my iPhone 5S had fit into it hahah).

But this wristlet is still a win! It’s great for me to just grab and go if I need to run an errand because let’s be real, I always just carry my phone in my hand or in an oversized bag anyway. And speaking of oversized bags, you can totally use this as a “organizer” of essentials to throw into your huge bag and then easily find the important stuff!

ANYWAY… this by itself is worth $68! Basically the entire box and more. :p



Overall enjoyment: This was probably the best Quarterly box for its value and the fact that it only cost $50. The Coach wristlet really tipped it over the edge because I don’t think you’d ever see it in any other subscription box! Yes, there was a lot of “junk” items but come on… you’re paying $50 and you’re promised 30-31 items… you can’t possibly expect everything to be “of value”, right? Also, if you divide $50 by 30 items, each item in this box literally cost you ~$1.67. That’s a pretty good deal to me considering that the majority of the items were at least worth that much.


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