Memebox Special #52 WTF: Wonderful Treasure Finds Box Review


Memebox Special #52 WTF Wonderful Treasure Finds
The Breakdown:
One-Time Purchase | Cost: $23 + Shipping | Beauty and Skin Care
Ships via DHL | Ships Internationally


Gah, the lighting. :/


Click to enlarge and hopefully that will help you read the description/how to use instructions.


Product Description
Ever thought of slathering high concentrates of anticancer ginger and garlic extracts on your skin? Well, Skindeco did and came up with this unique power serum enriched with a blend of ginger and garlic which softens roughened skin texture and removes excessive oil and dirt clogging up the pores, for a healthier, more glowing complexion.

How to use
Apply amply to clean face.


Skindeco Comedo AC Power Serum (50 g, $36) – When I first read the description, I was like… well, I hope it doesn’t smell like ginger or garlic. XD But to my surprise (and delight) this serum is unscented! It smells like nothing and is so fast-absorbing and I love it! I’ve been using it for a couple of days now and it is absolutely fantastic. My face feels (and looks) pretty good thus far and I think it’s a combination of the fact that I’ve been drinking almost a gallon a water a day and using this awesome serum. 😀 Probably my favorite serum that Memebox has sent out!


Product Description
This hydrogel type patch formulated with black secret complex – blueberry, black bean, black sesame seed, and mulberry extracts – effectively smooth out and firm up the skin along your smile lines.

How to use
Place the Mr.Smile Patch over your smile lines. Rest for 20~30 minutes, remove, and pat in the remaining essence for full absorbance.


Tonymoly Mr Smile Patch ($2) – When I first opened the box and saw this, I laughed because this definitely belongs in a WTF box. Even if the WTF stands for wonderful treasure finds. :p I have to say it’s kind of sad that there are “beauty standards” out there that dictate smile lines to be ugly. The fact that someone smiles or laughs a lot and has the smile lines to prove it is beautiful in itself. And I may be veering into sappy territory here, but smile lines are nothing to be ashamed of and if you have smile lines, that means you’ve led a pretty damn good life to have smiled and laughed so much. 🙂

Regardless, this is a fun inclusion and you’re sure to look silly while using them.


Product Description
Free of paraben and alcohol, this facial cream is formulated through BMS technology which boosts the function of antioxidants and minerals to stimulate skin turnover. It also works to soften, soothe, moisturize, nourish, and firm up dehydrated, sagging skin. You’ll be able to experience a visual difference with continuous application of the Cure Cream.

How to use
Massage the cream onto face daily, morning and night.


Elinette BMS Cure Cream (50 ml, $65) – I can’t believe this retails for $65 because it smells absolutely terrible. The best way I can think of to describe this is that it smells like herbal celery… in other words, gross. :p Its consistency is that of a hand lotion and it’s just not going to do it for me. Well, at least I would never use it on my face because then I’d have to smell it and that’s just going to make me want to wash my face immediately. Instead, I could use this on my legs, I suppose.


Product Description
A light-weight, moisturizing hand cream which instantly melts onto skin with a silky soft finish. What’s so unique about this product is that it creates dew-like water drops when massaged over skin as if a snow flake has melted on your hands. It’s also packed with hyaluronic acid and completely free of paraben, ethanol, benzophenon, artificial coloring, and artificial fragrance.

How to use
Massage onto hands as often as necessary.

Mumur Air Waterdrop Cooling Hand Cream Snow Blossom (50 g, $9) – THIS IS THE COOLEST THING EVER. Yes, that warranted CAPS because this is seriously so amazing and so much fun – totally worthy of being in a WTF box! 😀 Seriously so, so, so amazing. It has virtually no scent and it is so fast absorbing and it really softens/moisturizes your skin in a few seconds. I am absolutely in love with this product and I want more of it. XD


What it looks like when you first squeeze it out of the tube.


You gently spread it… and BOOM. Water droplets! I kept playing with this because I just couldn’t get over how much fun it was. XD Plus, it really moisturizes your skin!


This lightweight, skin perfecting primer helps create a smooth, even canvas for foundation. It color corrects for a range of complexion concerns, especially sallowness, dehydration, and saggy skin so that makeup glides on evenly and stays true for a healthy, even-toned start.

Apple Choux: Moisturizes dry skin so makeup glides on smooth and does not flake.
Lemon Choux: Brightens up dull and uneven complexions for evenly toned makeup application.
Peach Choux: Adds a healthy light-from-within glow to skin for healthy looking skin.

Apply to cleansed and moisturized skin before face makeup application. Evenly distribute onto the skin. Using fingers or a makeup brush, apply your favorite fake makeup to the skin.


Dearberry Play Choux in Peach (30 ml, $13) – There were three possible variations that you could have received in this box and I got the Peach variation! Apple is green and lemon is yellow… so I’m pretty glad that I lucked out with Peach, which is a soft pink and has a light peach scent. 😀 I don’t really wear makeup on a daily basis but this is a really great primer and is so easy to apply!


Applicator/wand. (Though I wouldn’t recommending using that for actual application hahaha).


A bit of it on my skin.


Applied! The microshimmer is really pretty and catches the light to give your face that glow. So I would also recommend this as a highligher if you don’t want to use it as a primer!


Product Description
A 100% natural soap made from dead sea salt, pearl powder, shea butter, hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil, lavender essential oil, and rose fragrance. This gentle formula helps brighten up dulled complexion and is perfect for treating troubled, sensitive skin.

How to use
Open up the pores with warm water. Lather the soap with a bubbling net or your hands until enough bubbles are created. Gently massage into face and rinse away with lukewarm water. Finish by cleansing face with cold water 2~3 times to tighten back the pores.

NOTE: Store the soap un-wet because natural soaps tend to soften and lose its shape easily. Because it’s formulated with only natural ingredients, make sure to use the soap within 1 year of purchase. Otherwise, it will expire and may go bad.


Bath Charm Store Dead Sea Salt Pearl Natural Soap ($6) – Ahhhh, this is so pretty! The pearl itself is actually airbrushed gold. 😀 As pretty as this is, I think I might have to gift it (even though I love the ingredients!) because I’m currently overloaded with soap after splurging at Fortune Cookie Soap. XD Maybe I’ll gift this to my mom for her birthday (since that’s coming up at the end of this month…)


Product Description
The visible green aloe vera capsules soothe and moisturize skin while the yellow vitamin capsules rejuvenates and brightens up complexion as they melt onto skin. A blend of aloe vera water, green tea extracts, and cactus flower extracts effectively cools and soothes stimulated skin and leaves it moist and nurtured. Also, witch hazel water and lotus extacts work together to treat and firm up clogged pores.

How to use
Apply directly to reddened or dehydrated skin. To be used as a natural body scrub, mix in 1/2 spoonful of the gel with sugar and gently massage over elbows and heels. To be used as a hair treatment, mix it into a treatment formula and run it through hair strands. To be used as a makeup base, apply it mixed with a BB cream in a 2:1 ratio.


Yadah Capsule Tok Soothing Gel (200 ml, $11) – This is a multi-tasking product! And as cool as that is, I’m just captivated by the colorful, floating dots in the gel. XD I haven’t opened it yet, but I’m very curious to see how this works, especially since it can be used on your body, your face, and your hair! Since it contains aloe vera, I bet this would be great as an after-sun gel.


Overall value: $142.00

Overall enjoymentThe Mumur hand cream and the ginger/garlic serum make this box for me! I have been using both frequently and would seriously recommend them to anyone who is looking for some unique (and useful) Korean skincare products! The mustache smile patches will be used (and I do like it when Memebox includes some kind of mask in their box), as will the gel and the peach choux primer. Undecided about what to do with the pearl soap (though I want to keep it, heh) and will be trading away the Elinette cream for sure. XD All in all, if I find a couple of awesome items that I actually incorporate into my routine, then I’m fine with not loving every single thing in the box because subscriptions are about discovery. 😀

January $3 coupon code on $30 or more (S&H and taxes do not apply): V2LX7B

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*Disclosure: The above item was complimentary and received for review purposes. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received. I only review things that are in line with my interests and wouldn’t subject you, my dear readers, to boring products or subscriptions.


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