Golden Tote’s 2015 Mystery Tote Review


Golden Tote Mystery Tote

The Breakdown:
One-Time Purchase | Cost: $60 + Shipping | Clothing
Ships via UPS | Ships to USA and Canada

I was so excited for this! 2015 was only the second time they’ve done this and I just knew that I wanted to get in on this action because 4 pieces of clothing from Golden Tote for just $60 + shipping? YES.


Puella Swing Top – I absolutely ADORE this. It’s so soft and it’s just perfect. This was the promised Puella item that every single mystery tote would contain (colors/patterns varied). If I could have chosen, this would have been the exact color and pattern of choice. I’ve already worn this and I seriously want more of these so that I can wear a different one every day of the week. XD


Made in California!


Closer photo for the pattern.


The back of the swing top!


Skies are Blue Scalloped Blouse – I was so, so excited by this but then I tried it on and found that while I could wear it… I needed someone else’s help to zip me up because this is not a chest-friendly top. XD I don’t think sizing up would have helped because then it would just look baggy on me, so unfortunately… this is one I can’t keep. But thankfully, I’ve already traded this away, haha.


This is honestly so pretty. I wish I could have kept it!


The back.


Sleeve detail.


Priddy by Puella Dress – Oh man oh man… I was so bummed to see this in my tote. But only because I already have it! I actually traded for this a couple of months ago because I really like it, but I don’t need two. XD So this one wasn’t a keeper either. Though I didn’t hold onto it for long because I went ahead and sold this. 🙂 So I recouped some of my original cost!


The back! This is what makes it really unique.


Promesa Yoga Pants – At first I thought this was the Puella Slouchy pants… but then I realized that this was definitely not what I thought it was. XD These are super comfortable (I could seriously just sleep in these) but… also way too long for me and I hate bell-bottoms or any kind of pants that flare. So this one is also going up for trade/sale. I haven’t managed to get rid of this yet. :p But it’s not too bad because if I am forced to keep them, I would still wear them around the house. And… at least I didn’t receive a pair of shorts. XD


Side detail.


Can you see the flare? XD

Overall… not a bad mystery tote! I definitely could have done worse, but I kind of wish I had received pieces I would actually keep and wear. XD Oh well, maybe next time! I’m definitely eying the February tote because they’re coming out with a new Puella dress that just looks so adorable. 😀

Check out my February spoilers post for all the items!



  1. I caved and just ordered one after seeing your post. I love everything you got (well maybe not the pants…..). I’ve been trying to join the trading group on facebook but my request to join has been pending for awhile so not sure if they are limiting the numbers or what. I thought maybe I’d be able to get a couple of items that way instead. Do you remember if it took awhile for you to be accepted?

    1. Aww yay! I hope you get an awesome tote with really great mystery items. 😀 I joined a while back (basically 6 months ago or even earlier) so I was approved right away. I’m not sure what the hold up is, unfortunately. 😦 Maybe cancel your request and then make another request?

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