February 2015 Orange Glad Review


Orange Glad
The Breakdown:
Monthly | Cost: $21.95/month | Deluxe desserts |
Ships via USPS Priority 2 Day Mail | Ships to the US


First look!


Packaging is impeccable as always!




OrangeGlad We’re Mint To Be Fudge: I love fudge, but mint chocolate fudge just makes me think of toothpaste, which is then… blech. I think that’s just because the consistency of fudge is kind of similar to toothpaste and I associate mint with cleaning/gum so it’s not very pleasant when it’s mixed in with chocolate to make fudge. This does have oreo cookie crumbles in it though. Unfortunately it just really wasn’t for me.







Salem Baking Chocolate Dipped Sugar Moravian Cookies: Super crunchy! It’s more chocolate than cookie, but that’s okay by me. 😀 Reminds me of one-sided Milano cookies from Pepperidge Farms. There were six of them in the bag and I ate them all. :p


Cheryl’s Buttercream Valentine Cookie: So sweet and so soft. The frosting is cavity-inducing sweet (no really, these are ridiculously sweet and if you can eat one without drinking water afterward… well, you must have a huge sweet tooth! XD) The cookie is almost cake-like. They really do melt in your mouth!


Sugar Bowl Bakery Petite Palmiers: Flaky, crunchy, buttery, and sweet. Everything you’d want a palmier to be. I’m really not a huge fan of palmiers in general because they remind me of stale croissants. (but that’s just me)




Annalisa Chocolates – Caramel Sea Salt and Raspberry Truffles: I loved the sea salt but the raspberry truffle tasted super artificial. Decent quality chocolate and everything is made with natural, premium ingredients!


The February Orange Glad box!

Overall enjoyment: This definitely wasn’t my favorite because the fudge and the palmiers were not for me. But I did enjoy the two cookies and the chocolates! Though I do like the love/Valentine’s Day theme they had subtly woven through the curation of the box. Palmiers look like hearts, the moravian cookies were heart-shaped, the Cheryl’s cookie had a soft pink buttercream frosting, chocolate truffles are definitely Valentine’s Day appropriate, and the name of the fudge kind of counts. :p



    1. Don’t worry, I didn’t get a shipping notification this time around either! My box just showed up and I bet yours will too. 😀 I bet you’re going to love the mint fudge – it’s a really great balance of mint and chocolate!

  1. We also tried out the Feb box. Orange Glad is SO yum! I think it’s just personal pref but we couldn’t stop ourselves from digging our fingers into it. I like collecting the mason jars because I can always clean it up and re-use for the pantry. When it comes to sweets, desserts, and food, my heart just melts and cave in.

    1. I seriously want to continue with Orange Glad but the CALORIES! XD I know if I keep subscribing, I’ll just eat everything in the box each month because their treats are delicious!

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