Kickstarter Projects

I’ve been going a little Kickstarter crazy recently… and because my first ever venture into the Kickstarter world was so awesome (see my Leonard and Church review – seriously, the watch is fantastic!), I wanted to share the other projects I’m currently backing so that you can get in on the ground floor too! And nope, no one is paying me to write this post or bribing me to get their product in this post – all of these projects were ones that I sought out myself and found worthy of investing in.

Amorstil Watches
Funded: YES
Ends: in 2 days
Product: Watches
Ships out: May 2015

First up… Amorstil Watches. I love, love simplistic watches that have a large and thin dial (40 mm is ideal for the dial and less than 7mm is ideal for the case’s thickness), and are made from quality materials! This one was recommended to me by my good friend A. over at ourmisCELLany, who also loves awesome watches.

I will say that this is not as beautiful as my Leonard and Church watch, but it is much cheaper and it has a second hand (which, strangely enough… none of my current watches have, haha). I love the all-black watch with the leather strap and the minimalistic design. They’re already funded and the project ends in about 4 days. A lot of the tiers/rewards are already gone and snatched up so the best deal right now is either just getting one watch ($45) or get two watches ($85) to share with a friend.

Ink Sketches For A Buck
Funded: YES
Ends: in 4 days
Product: Ink or Colored Sketches
Ships out: May 2015

Next… Ink Sketches for A BuckThis was just a project that I found while I was browsing through Kickstarter and immediately thought yes, yes I want this. You see, I’m not all that artistic, but I do love art to some extent – especially simple sketches because how cool would they be displayed together on a wall? I looked at his work and the description of his project and just really loved his message. He’s doing this to become a better artist and just because he can.

If you look through the updates section, you’ll see a lot of wonderful examples of what you might receive! It’s random and that’s part of the fun. 🙂 Of course there are tiers/rewards that allow you to request him to draw something, but what’s the fun in that? I’d rather receive something that he drew because he wanted to.

You can pledge one tier and then add more money to your pledge to get extra sketches from lower tiers (that sounds confusing but go read the FAQs on his page and it’ll make sense, I promise)! Personally I pledged for a $5 color ink sketch and added $4 more to get four $1 ink sketches for a total of $9 pledged.

Ryo Adapter
Funded: YES
Ends: in 17 days
Product: Ryo USB Adapter
Ships out: September 2015

And next… Ryo Adapter! Never plug in your USB the wrong way again! I thought this was particularly clever because so much of our world now depends on USBs, no matter what kind of electronics you use, and of course we will inadvertently waste our time every once in a while trying to plug it in the right way. This adapter? Eliminates that completely because once you put it on your USB, you can plug it in the “right” or “wrong” way. Oh and an added bonus is that there is a cord holder on the adapter itself for better organization.

In addition to the adapter, there’s another reward that is ADORABLE, but ultimately useless to me… regardless, it’s this USB drive that will never plug in the wrong way! They call it Kushi and if I didn’t already have an abundance of flash drives, I would totally pick this up! (although it would mean paying more $$$) Anyway, I pledged for one pack of adapters (comes with 3) because I do have a few chargers/cables that aren’t always plugged in so it would be nice to try the adapter with them. One thing – you will have to pay shipping (varies on where you live)! Most projects have free shipping, but this one, unfortunately, does not.

HIIT Bottle
Funded: YES
Ends: in 31 days
Product: A protein powder shaker
Ships out: June 2015

Then… the HIIT Bottle! I’m actually not getting this for myself because I don’t drink protein powder… rather, I’m getting this for my brother. He drinks protein powder every day. Seriously. Every day. So this is perfect for him. I was really happy to find this on Kickstarter because I’ve seen the usual protein powder shakers and those look super gross and ugly (sorry to anyone who loves them, but those things cannot be clean). This one? This is double-walled, stainless steel, vacuum sealed, and dishwasher-safe!

I was lucky enough to pledge before it got popular, so I’m getting one for just $20. It looks like a lot of the other tiers are already gone so if you or someone in your life enjoys protein powder, then I’d hurry before everything is gone and there are only really high-dollar tiers left. (I have no idea if my brother will like this, but if he doesn’t then I’ll keep it because the double-walled/vacuum sealed properties will help keep what’s cold, cold and what’s hot, hot… aka an awesome water bottle!)

Aer Fit Pack
Funded: YES
Ends: in 29 days
Product: An awesome backpack
Ships out: August 2015

Then there was the… Aer Fit Pack! Okay, so… technically I don’t need this. I just want it. XD I love backpacks (yay Jansport backpacks!) and when I saw how beautifully sleek this was, I couldn’t pass it up. The great thing about Kickstarter, if you didn’t know, is that you don’t pay anything until the project is fully funded and officially over. So if the project is funded on 3/1 and ends on 3/3, you don’t pay until 3/3. If the project doesn’t get funded, then you don’t pay anything at all! So I figured, if I changed my mind about this later on, then I’d just unpledge. 😛

But seriously, this is such a clean design that is so very pleasing to the eye. I love the interior pockets and the color scheme. The early bird tier is gone so now if you want one, you’ll have to pledge $99. I know, I know… who spends that much on a backpack? But if you like working out after work, then this is kind of perfect for you. Or if you just like cool backpacks with a great design. :p I’m not sure if I’ll keep my pledge but I have 29 days to decide!

Funded: NO
Ends: in 31 days
Product: A bluetooth, backlit keyboard + iPad case
Ships out: July 2015

Last but not least… Libre! The world’s thinnest back-lit keyboard. I just found this today and immediately pledged because I’ve been looking at iPad keyboards ever since I got my iPad Air 2 last year. At first I had my heart set on the Logitech keyboard/case but then I saw all the negative reviews for the newest version that was compatible with the iPad Air 2 and decided to pass. All of the other good bluetooth keyboards aren’t really cheap so I wasn’t keen on trying them out for shits and giggles. But this one? This is back-lit, it’s bluetooth, it’s super slim, it’s cheap… and it can be used for any OS! You can use this with your Macbook, your Windows computer, your Android cellphone, your iPhone… basically everything.

Plus it looks super cool with its wood grain and earthy tones.

So you don’t have to be an iPad Air owner to get in on the action because the keyboard itself looks pretty amazing. But for those of you who do have iPad Airs (either 1 or 2), you’re in luck! This is probably the project I am most excited about because I’ll be getting an iPad case and a cover! I pledged the $53 early bird tier that will come with the iPad case, iPad cover and the keyboard cover. I do believe that this project started either just yesterday or today (I know this because I check Kickstarter every day just to see what’s new) so right now is the perfect time to pledge!




    totally going to get a sketch haha

    and a few other projects i’m obsessed with but can’t bring myself to pledge haha

    want that uamp but can’t justify the cost :/

    1. Kickstarter is so addicting. XD AND IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT hahaha. I keep finding cool stuff on there that I want to have.

      Haha I totally saw that clean water thing and wanted it but then I get water everywhere I work so I don’t really need it. And we have a built-in filter at home so I had to tell myself not to get pledge-crazy. XD

      Ahhh, that bulb garden light one though! I bet my dad would love that since he’s always trying to make our garden cooler (LOL) and he likes solar-powered stuff.

      I’d totally get the uamp too but now that all the lower tiers are gone, I’ll have to pass. 😦 But it’s an awesome idea because I love upping the bass. >:D

      1. HEEHEE

        RIGHT?! everything is so cooooool
        totally want that garden light thing for my dad too haha but i’m afraid it’ll get stolen from our lawn since it’s happened before :/

        AH resist

  2. My husband is addicted to kickstarter! We’ve gotten (or are getting soon) some of the weirdest things including a toilet bowl light, a gym bag, a sweatshirt and something else I forgot already but is also unnecessary and yet somehow irresistible!

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