May 2015 Popsugar Theme Spoiler!


Popsugar has released their theme/inspirations for May! I don’t know if I like this or not (though I will say that I prefer an actual spoiler), but at least it’s a start and I guess it’s fun to see what people speculate might be included based on these words. And if you can believe it, April is already sold out! So if you want to get in on the action, it might be wise to sign up soon for May (which is an entire month away).

If you want to sign up, be sure to use REFER5 to get $5 off!



  1. I’d prefer a spoiler for the April box! >:| I feel like they cut their boxes down by half or something, I can’t believe how fast they’re selling out.

    1. Yeah, I totally agree! Unfortunately for us/people who like to wait for spoilers, it is probably the smartest move on their part so that the boxes seem “exclusive” again since they sell out so fast due to the decreased number of boxes.

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