March 2015 Love With Food Tasting Box Review


Love With Food
The Breakdown:
Cost: The Cost: $12/month OR $19.95/month | 8+ samples
Organic, natural, and GMO-free snacks!
Ships via DHL Global Mail | Ships to the US


First look! (oops I thought I had posted this review, but looks like I totally forgot… hence the tardiness!)


180 Nutty Rice Bites with Cranberries – Ugh, I LOVE THESE. They are flavorful, crunchy, and so very, very tasty. I love puffed rice because they have this inherent flavor that is addicting. Add in the tart, sweetness of the dried cranberries and I’m a goner. These also contain pumpkin seeds, cashew nts, almonds, and pumpkin seeds. SO GOOD. I practically inhaled this bag.


Bops in Sea Salt – I actually bought a full size bag of these one day while I was at my local supermarket and didn’t like them at all. Turns out I still don’t like them, go figure. XD They’re really salty and not very tasty. They’re crunchy, yes, but there’s a flatness to them that just makes me feel like I’m snacking on salty cardboard.


Annie’s Chocolate Bunny Grahams – Well, these are just like what you’d expect! They taste like chocolate graham crackers… shaped like bunnies. :p I quite liked these but I wouldn’t pick them up at the grocery store. However… if you have children, this would be the perfect thing to pack in their lunch box.


Almond Butter Cacao Truffle – This… tastes about as good as it looks, unfortunately. I know it’s healthy but if I’m going to consuming 140 calories, I’d rather eat something else. You mainly taste the almonds, but it’s just a bit off-putting and not entirely pleasant.


The Good Bean Roasted Chickpeas – I knew I would love these too because I love roasted chickpeas! They’re a harder crunch but the taste is so worth it! I’m so glad that these don’t taste overly salted (even if the sodium is 6% for such a small bag).


Hemp Hearts by Manitoba HarvestI haven’t tried these yet (it’s really bad but I tend to save the healthier stuff for later, haha) and I think I want to put them on some strawberry yogurt for an added crunch. Hopefully they don’t taste gross. XDJust tried them and they’re pretty good! I actually just ate some straight out of the bag, haha. They taste like pine nuts! If you like pine nuts, you’ll like these too. I don’t really see myself putting these in yogurts or cereal, but on salads? Yes!


Chocolate Banana Mini Snack Bar by 2 Degrees – THIS WAS AMAZING. Hands down the best thing in the box. I was so sad to finish it so quickly because it’s a tiny snack bar! I love banana and I love chocolate so this was the best of both worlds. They are so good that I actually ordered them from the Love With Food store! It’s a great way to enjoy something sweet and chocolatey, while counting calories. 😉 This really hits the spot when you’re in that 3PM slump.


Herbes de Provence by The Spice Hunter – I think I’m starting to accumulate small packets of random herb blends at an alarming rate now. XD Or at least, it feels that way. I honestly don’t cook as much as I should (read: not at all) so I’ve just been saving all of these herbs for the day when I finally realize my cooking potential (read: possibly never).


Moringa Organic Tea by Miracle Tea in Apple & Cinnamon – Sorry… but this was not my cup of tea. (HAR HAR HAR). No, really this wasn’t very tasty (it didn’t smell pleasant when I took it out) and I couldn’t bring myself to drink it. I don’t even know how to describe it because I didn’t try it. XD I think it was probably the moringa that put me off because I normally enjoy apple/cinnamon combinations.


Choco Chews by Trujoy Sweets – Unfortunately these weren’t very good either. They tasted like stale Tootsie Rolls with less flavor and more blah. I think the fact that it’s vegan, gluten-free, and organic really diminishes the product in this case. Though if you are vegan, need to have a gluten-free diet, or only partake in organic products, then this is probably perfect. Me? I’ll pass. :p


A host of coupons and info cards.


The March 2015 Love With Food Tasting Box!

Overall enjoyment: This wasn’t my favorite box from LWF but that 2 degrees bar. *____* That was my favorite, but the Nutty Rice Bites were a close second. I really do enjoy LWF because they send out an assortment of snacks every month that I never would have known about if I had just gone out shopping by myself. It’s thanks to them that I know of more things to enjoy that are usually healthier for me than my go-to snacks. XD


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