Rachel Zoe Box of Style Spring 2015 Review


The Zoe Report – Box of Style
The Breakdown:
Cost: $100/quarter or $350 for an annual subscription
Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle Items
When: Ships in March, July, September, December
Ships via UPS


This is one luxe subscription box. I am beyond ecstatic to have signed up for the annual subscription because this is so amazing. The presentation, the wrapping, the box itself… ugh, I love all of it. I’ve never bought a Popsugar LE box (yet) and I didn’t go all in with Oui Please because I was holding out for something even better and I think this might be it.


Everything was carefully wrapped and it was like Christmas when I got to individually unwrap (tear through wrapping paper) to see the items they were hiding (even though I already looked at the spoilers). This is what you expect from a $100/box subscription and Rachel Zoe’s Box of Style totally delivers!


How chic is this? 




I just love this detail and the fact that each pair you purchase (like their shoes), they will donate a pair to someone in need. 


Yup, I love this too. (also I don’t know why this photographs a dark blue when it looks black in person – I’m looking at it right now and it’s definitely black; I didn’t do anything to the photos but in bright sun light, my sunglasses magically turn dark blue!)


Even the case is beautiful.


Traveler by TOMS ($68) – I am obsessed with these right now. I love sunglasses and I definitely wear them every day since I live in sunny California (ironic because it was raining earlier today). But seriously. These sunglasses. So, so beautiful. As I mentioned above, I have no idea why they photographed as dark blue (so weird) but they are black and they will go with every single outfit you have. The style of these sunglasses fit my face so well that I would have totally picked these out myself if I went shopping for sunglasses (or sunnies, as Rachel says in her information booklet).

I love how sturdy they are, how they feel when I wear them, and the color scheme. Really, I just love everything about this pair of sunglasses – including the brand and their message. I normally and exclusively wear Ray Bans but I’m definitely making an exception for these. I had no idea how much I loved this item until I tried it on.




I was already in love with this when I saw how awesome the wrapping paper was.


I mean, look at the little hooks!!


Miansai Modern Screw Cuff in Gold ($200) – This was the first spoiler item and it is named the “hero” item in the box. If I recall correctly, the hero item will be revealed each quarter so that subscribers and potential subscribers will know what the highest value item is. This was what originally won me over because I love cuffs and this was gorgeous. Now that I have it in my hands, it’s even better. There is a real weight to this (it’s 14K gold plated brass) and it definitely has substance to it.


Oh yes…


I’m wearing this right now. I actually didn’t want to take it off to photograph because the first thing I did when I opened the box was to try this on. It totally fits and I love how the rod unscrews so you can easily take it off/put it on. I will say that my wrists are on the smaller side so it was perfect for me but the cuff might be too small to fit others. I don’t think I’m taking this off until I take a shower tonight, haha. It’s just too beautiful.


This is the next item, but I took a close-up photo of it still wrapped because I wanted to show you guys just how nicely it was wrapped! I hope that I’ll have the ability to wrap gifts like this one day. XD


This was the second spoiler item! (and here’s a video of Rachel explaining why she included them)


Zoya Nail Polish Trio in Haley, Zoe, and Chantal ($30) – Okay, you guys know that I don’t like or use nail polish but give them to me in a beautiful box with a magnetic closure, perfectly packaged? I’ll fawn over them. XD Obviously I would have preferred something else in this box, but I can’t deny how amazing they look, especially as a trio. The Zoe (an opal) is exclusive to this box and specially designed by Rachel Zoe herself, who used it in her Fall 2015 Fashion Week presentation! Zoya is a great nail polish brand and their formula (from what I’ve heard/read) is fantastic.










Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara ($20) – This is full size and probably one of the best mascaras out there! It’s one of Rachel’s favorites and thus it makes its appearance in her first box. I love the formula and the packaging is on-point. I mean, it’s purple snake skin! XD Tarte is a great brand and their cosmetics are always high quality.




Bristols 6 Stylin’ Tape ($10) – I’ll be honest, I never knew how people (and celebrities) kept their clothes so perfectly styled until I realized they used styling tape to keep certain pieces of fabric in certain places so that public indecency never becomes an issue. XD I’ve actually never used it before because I never really had a need for it with the clothes I wore (I love my t-shirts and jeans) but I think this will definitely come in handy since I actually have to wear business casual now. :p (unfortunately) I’m surprised that other boxes that boasts fashion/beauty haven’t sent out something like this in past months!


The Spring 2015 Rachel Zoe Box of Style!

Overall value: $328.00

Overall enjoyment: I think it’s been a while since I’ve really appreciated a subscription box the way I appreciated this one. (if Nina Garcia’s Quarterly box hadn’t gone downhill, that would have really been able to contend against this one) The curation is A+ and the items were obviously chosen with care. The promised value is there. The shipping was on time. The quality of each item is fantastic. The packaging and the physical box are just as quality as the items they contain. I don’t think I can say enough good things about this box! I just hope the next one is equally amazing.

In addition, Zoe made sure to include a promo code for each item’s brand in her information card – so if you really loved something or you love the brand, you can easily go grab a spare or something else from the brand’s website. I think that’s awesome and a great way to keep your subscribers happy because it feels like a special extra. 🙂

This box sold out a ways back but you can go on her website and get on the wait list for the summer box!

Oh! And if you want to watch Zoe Rachel herself do an unboxing of this box… go here! I seriously cannot wait for her next box to see what it will contain – she did an amazing job with this one and I am so happy with all the items (yes, even the nail polish). XD



  1. I seriously loved this box so much. SO much. Every time I think about this box, I get happy 😀 The curation is pure perfection. And now that you mention it, I also am surprised that I haven’t seen styling tape in a box. I loved that everything was wrapped, too. My mascara was wrapped like seventeen times, I finally just ripped it all off instead of being neat. 😀 Can’t wait for the next one! Did you get a year?

    1. I had no idea how much I would love this box until I opened it and was just blown away! I keep looking at the sunglasses and I keep wearing the cuff. XD Haha that wrapping was A+! I had such a hard time being patient so I just ended up ripping all of it off so that I could get to the stuff. And yes! I did get an annual subscription – so happy that I did. 🙂

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