Deux Lux Mystery Box!

Deux Lux Mystery Box
Cost: $50 (free UPS shipping!)
“Everyone loves surprises! Treat yourself to our sample sale mystery box! Each box will contain 3 items randomly selected from our NYC sample sale! “

Deux Lux is having a mystery box sale! And who can say no to that? I certainly couldn’t, haha.

For just $50, you get three items from their NYC sample sale and that could be anything from purses, clutches, wallets, key fobs, to luggage tags… or whatever else they might be selling on their website. It’s a mystery box so you never know what you might get, but I figured for just $50 (yay free shipping, but boooooo for tax since I live in CA), it’s a good gamble if you like at least one of the three items.

If Deux Lux sounds familiar to you, it’s because they were the brand that Nina Garcia picked for that fringe circular messenger bag she included in her last (somewhat disastrous) box. :p But I still went for it because I looked through their website and most of their items are actually kind of cool, so I’m interested to see what I’ll get.

The fine print from Deux Lux’s website: “Note: This item [the mystery box] cannot be combined with any other promotion or offer. All the boxes are different; Non refundable and no exchanges. It will ship within 3-5 business days.”


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