April 2015 Glossybox Review


The Breakdown:
Monthly | Cost: $21/month | Beauty and Makeup
Ships via USPS | Ships to the US


I absolutely LOVE the box this month! It was actually one of the main reasons as to why I re-subscribed to Glossybox after such a long hiatus. I think there were three… possibly four different box color variations sent out this month and I was really happy to receive the turquoise/teal one. The others were pink, yellow, and blue, I believe. Seriously though, Glossybox sends out the best physical boxes out there!


First look! Man, have I missed this beautiful packaging.






Julep Gel Eye Glider in Bronze Shimmer (Full size: 0.042 oz/1.2 g, $16.00) – I was really surprised to see a Julep product in here! Not that it’s necessarily a bad thing, just unexpected. Julep does make some decent makeup products (their Plush Pout Lip Crayon is one of my favorites!) and that being said, this is a really great product too! The shade is just the right amount of dark shimmer and the formula is creamy, making it easy to apply!






Estee Lauder Enlighten Dark Spot Correcting Night Serum (0.24 fl oz/0.7 ml, $14.88) – Yesssss this is a perfect addition to my mother’s day gift! My mom always worries about the dark spots on her skin so hopefully this can help her combat them. :p I do believe this was sent out some time earlier last year by Sample Society and while people were angry that it wasn’t the full size being sent out (there was definitely some miscommunication in their advertising), they were generally happy with how the serum itself worked!


Marrakesh Endz: Split End Mender & Preventer (Full size: 1 fl oz/0.30 ml, $5.99) – I think I might need to use this/rotate this into my hair care routine every once in a while. I already use hair oil every other day but none of them distinctively call out the prevention of split ends. I do also use a deep conditioner every other week, but I sometimes end up finding a split end here or there anyway.






Aerin Waterlily Sun Perfume (0.30 fl oz/9 ml, $19.41) – I love it when subscription boxes send out mini spray bottles or roller balls for perfumes! This is a really floral scent and I definitely get a lot of the musk at the end. Sadly, I don’t really smell the Sicilian bergamot or the lush dewy greens. But it’s not a bad scent and the staying power is quite potent. XD Plus, it’s just a really beautiful addition to any vanity! (it does remind me of high end skin care products)




Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Stained Gloss in New Wave (Full size, 0.33 fl oz/10 ml, $18.00) – This is different from their lip tar (which was previously sent out by Glossybox too!) and the shade I received is a neon pink. Sadly, this did not include a lip brush, so if you want to use it… you have to buy your own or just use your fingers to spread the gloss. It might be a little too pink for me, but maybe I can tone it down with the lip tar as a base. XD






Thursday/Friday makeup bag! How awesome is this? This canvas makeup bag is a collaboration between Thursday/Friday and Glossybox, exclusive to April 2015 subscribers. Other than the pop art on the box itself, this was the other reason why I signed up for April – I just can’t pass up the chance to get another mini bag! Even after all of those Ipsy bags. XD If you received the Summer 2014 FFF box, then you know the quality and construction of this Thursday/Friday bag/pouch!


The April 2015 Glossybox

Overall value: $74.28 (not including the Thursday/Friday bag)

Overall enjoyment: Okay, I just love the box itself – it’s so unique and a welcome change from the usual subscription boxes. Also, something I have to compliment Glossybox on is their shipping time line. I used to gripe and complain about how I never receive my box in its advertised month, but this month? I received my Glossybox before the third week of the month! (I’m posting this review a little later, heh). I was honestly so surprised (in a good way) when I got my shipping email and then the box actually arrived three days later.

Now onto the contents of the box… not bad, but not amazing either. The value is certainly there but the perfume isn’t my favorite and I’m not sure if I can really wear that neon pink gloss. XD But the selection of brands in this box are good! Plus, I will happily take the eyeliner, the split end hair treatment, and the dark spot-correcting serum!


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