April 2015 Golden Tote Review


Golden Tote
The Breakdown:
Monthly | Cost: $49/month (2-3 items) or $149/month (5-7 items)
Clothes! Dresses, tops, jackets, cardigans, sweaters, and more.
Ships via USPS or FedEx | Ships to the US


This is my first tote since the mystery tote in January! I was pretty excited about this because Golden Tote has launched a brand new website with a new way to fill out a more detailed profile so that you can really tailor the surprise items to your liking! (hopefully).

They also now have free shipping for orders over $149! So that means any time you buy the $149 tote, you automatically get free shipping, which is awesome if you ask me. Too bad I still have to pay CA sales tax sales tax since I live in California. XD (it’s both great and annoying for so many subscription boxes to have warehouses or offices in CA, but mostly annoying because it sucks having to pay extra for tax).

ANYWAY. I got the $149 tote this time around and my total with tax came out to be around $160. We’ll start off with my two chosen items. (go to my first ever GT post for a quick run-down on how it works!). Lots of stripes, black and white clothing ahead!





Roped in Tunic Dress – I totally got this because it was work-appropriate! The first time I tried it on, I was like omg what was I thinking?? But then I belted it and was like, okay… this works. XD It looks even better if you pair it with a black or navy cardigan! I have it pictured with all the buttons undone, but you can wear it however you’d like. You can actually wear this by itself if you’re feeling daring (heh) or wear it with jeans/leggings!





Batik Dress in Black – I knew I had to have this when I saw the items for the $149 tote… and I am so glad I picked this one! It is so soft and light weight and perfect for warm weather. I seriously love this. They have this in blue as well and now I really want the blue version too. XD It has a lot of stretch but it drapes beautifully.

And now onto the surprise items that my stylist chose for me based on my profile!





Very J Printed Elastic Waist Dress – This wasn’t love at first sight but since I’ve tried it on, I found that I do actually really like this. XD It’s a soft material too and it’s so comfortable to wear! I feel like my stylist really understands me! Because my favorite kind of clothing is casual and comfortable… but also passable as somewhat formal enough for the workplace. This one kind of swallows me, but I like it anyway! I can easily see this being styled with a pair of black/gold sandals, sunglasses, and a statement necklace for the summer.





Love Stitch Tank with Silver Embroidery in Black – This was the only item in the tote that I didn’t like at all. But that’s because it looked terrible on me! The material is soft and the embroidery is gorgeous (silver against black? yesssss) but it unfortunately makes me look like I’m wearing a potato sack, haha. Also I think this isn’t a chest-friendly top because I ended up with some awkward cleavage due to the design. XD But it’s okay because I’ve already sold this! Thank goodness for trading groups.




Le Lis Striped Pocket Tee – Love this! It’s perfect for a casual day on the weekend and the coolest thing about this is the asymmetry! (which you can kind of see in the first photo) It’s longer in the back and has a diagonal cut in the front. The pocket is also a cute touch. This just goes great with jeans or shorts!





Hem & Thread Twisted Back Stripe Cardigan in White – I WAS SO EXCITED TO SEE THIS! I saw the black version of the cardigan in other people’s reveals so I was definitely hoping for one in my own tote and when I saw it, I was ecstatic! The back of this cardigan is just so awesomely unique and the cardigan itself is soft and stretchy! This is an awesome addition to my work wardrobe. I mostly wear solid colored-tops for work so these stripes will really jazz up (LOL) my outfits. XD But in all seriousness, I am so glad to have gotten something that I not only can wear to work but also matches so well with my current clothes.

And now onto some quality control issues…


My cardigan had a loose thread that was unfortunately obvious since this was in the front.


It also had this weird smudge/stain on the back collar.


My batik dress had a loose thread near the arm opening… but at least this one can easily be fixed since I can just tuck it in and pretend it doesn’t exist. XD


But the worst offender was the roped in tunic… you can see a fingerprint-like stain on the front. 😦

I’ve emailed Golden Tote CS and will see what their response is. I don’t really have too much of an issue with any of these because it’s not like there was a gaping hole in my clothes or a terrible stain that was crazy obvious. But I wasn’t exactly thrilled about the fact that I received clothing that wasn’t in better condition, you know?


Overall enjoyment: I loved my tote and how my stylist curated it! There might have been a little too much black and white and not enough color, but I don’t mind. XD Black and white pieces are easy to pair with other colors! I’m pleased with what I got because it was a good mixture of casual and work clothes (though the dress code at my workplace isn’t super strict so I can get away with a lot of “casual” clothes too, heh). Golden Tote is kind of expensive if you’re getting a tote every month but if clothes are your weakness, I’d say that GT is pretty awesome for it. 😉



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