Fortune Cookie Soap May the Fourth Be With You Mini Collection Review


This kind of counts as a haul post and a review post because Fortune Cookie Soap recently released their newest mini collection: May the Fourth Be With You. And being the huge Star Wars fan that I am, I couldn’t pass this up. I JUST COULDN’T. They made triple the usual amount they normally do for mini collections and everything basically sold out within the first 24 hours. The entire collection sold out (they had a discount if you bought everything together as a bundle) in under 30 minutes! So I was definitely lucky to get one. 😀

And you see that sticker up there? It’s an extra/a new thing they’re sending out!


A little backstory for this photo: So they had four different colors for their new product – the foaming OCD hand sanitizer and the color you receive would be chosen at random. But I really, really wanted the blue (because hello Obi-Wan Kenobi) so I wrote in the “notes” section before checking out, requesting blue if possible. And honestly, FCS has some of the most amazing customer service – don’t believe me? PROOF RIGHT THERE. How fantastic are they? 🙂 So much love for FCS!

Also you can see the three extra items I added onto my order (but didn’t take photos of, heh).  ANYWAY, onto the collection!


PUMP UP YOUR SABER Foaming OCD (50ml, $6.99) – “Wild berries, black plum nectar, sprinkled with vanilla sugar and delicate musk“. This is a brand new twist on one of their most popular products! Pros: no alcohol scent that usually comes with hand sanitizers. Cons: feels a bit sticky afterward. But it does smell good; I definitely get a lot of the plum and berries. Honestly, this is just a really cool product because it foams (I love foaming body and skin care products) and because the color is definitely lightsaber-worthy. (also reminds me of blue raspberry icees!)




The dispenser.


COME TO THE DARTH SIDE…Whipped Cream ($12.99) – “Crunchy, oatmeal cookies and sugary vanilla bean frosting, blended delightfully with honey and hints of almond.” Okay, so I knew I wouldn’t like this because I’m just not really into bakery/overly sweet scents (with a few exceptions). But I bought the entire collection anyway because it’s Star Wars and who says no to Star Wars? It smells EXACTLY as described – the perfect oatmeal cookie with a slight hint of almond. Seriously, Fortune Cookie Soap is crazy good at getting scents perfectly crafted to smell like what they describe it as.


The darth side………..


Filled to the brim! So much so that it overflowed a little to the cap.


MAY THE SCENT BE WITH YOU Perfume Oil (0.50 oz, $10.99) – “Calm, salty air with hints of summer apricot and sea grass, float gently on ocean waves.” Okay so this one was really interesting because I hated it, absolutely hated it when I smelled it. But then I still tried some on my wrist and it somehow transforms to something beautiful when it dries down. I actually love this even though I have no idea what makes it smell so terrible when it’s in the bottle. XD But the scent when it dries down is freaking gorgeous and everything the description says it is. Very oceanic and aquatic. I don’t actually get too much of the apricot but the ocean waves are very prevalent.


Best part? It’s a rollerball!


Not going to lie, I was really excited for this one. XD


WOOKIEE COOKIE Fortune Cookie Soap ($4.99) – “Fresh squeezed citrus, with violets and lilies, hints of bartlett pear and a whiff of peonies.” This reminds me so much of Tree of Life! And I love Tree of Life so I love this, obviously! 😀 This smells like fresh cut grass and bartlett pear to me with hints of jasmine! (tree of life is one of Fortune Cookie Soap’s best selling scents!) This is so fresh and so delicate at the same time. I love it. 😀 This is hands down my favorite in the entire collection!


Plus, just look at it! *____*


Oh man, this sold out so quickly after the entire collection. Everyone wanted a Death Star bath bomb!


“ratS htaeD” Bath Fizzy (5 oz, $5.99) – “Bright, citrus blend of juicy orange and tart kumquat, tropical pineapple and green leafy vines against a backdrop of rich vanilla and exotic, dark coconut.” Yes, this contains glitter! So beware. :p I get some of the coconut, which isn’t always my favorite scent, but the citrus cuts into it nicely, making it smell tropical! I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to use this because it’s too awesome to be used. XD


Closer. The camera really doesn’t capture all the delicate lines and nuances!


The entire May the Fourth Be With You Collection!

And a little something extra awesome…


They sent out a sample whipped cream in a scent that is coming in their summer soap box! I’m SO EXCITED because I’m eagerly awaiting the summer soap box but now I get this “sneak peek” of one of the summer scents!


Second Star to the Right Whipped Cream – “Crushed berries and mint leaves with a splash of sparkling pomelo, served over iced sugar cane.” Oh shit, this is amazing. I CAN’T STOP SMELLING THIS. I am so screwed for the Peter Pan collection launch later this month because I know I’m going to buy too much (oops). In the summer soap box, this specific scent will come in the shape of their signature fortune cookie soap,  which looks like a gorgeous snapshot of the galaxy.

I don’t even know how to describe what this smells like. It’s slightly sweet and slightly masculine and I love it. XD Yes, there’s a slight dusting of glitter on the top, but you can easily get rid of that by scraping the topmost layer off. Right, well, I can’t wait for the summer soap box and I’m really happy with the Star Wars mini collection! 😀



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