Candy Club of the Month Review + $20 Off!


Candy Club of the Month 
The Breakdown:
Monthly | $27.99/month + shipping | Gourmet Candy
Ships via USPS | Ships to the US


I really didn’t want to subscribe to this because I knew if I liked the candy they sent out, I’d end up hoarding and eating all of it. Plus, this was expensive (I mean, this is the kind of money you’d pay to go to a really nice candy store) and I know what kind of candy I like so the surprise is not really something I want. But… then I saw an ad on Facebook for $20 off (!) so I clicked the link and it actually worked so I thought, why not?


Their information card includes nutrition facts for the candy included in the box.


First look! (this was a heavy box)




Sour Power Wild Cherry Belts – I really don’t like candy belts. I never liked them and I don’t think I ever will. The rainbow ones? Nope. The strawberry ones? Nope. Just no thank you. They taste more artificial than any other kind of artificial candy to me. (if that even makes any sense) I tried one anyway and nope, not for me. XD But if you love sour and if you love cherry, this will be your new favorite. As you can see, the sugar got out of the container, but it wasn’t a huge deal.


Haribo Gummi Techno Bears – Ah yes, I’ve had these before because I had been curious about the metallic colors of the gummy bears and the fact that they were named techno. (I really love trying new candy – especially colorful ones.) These are harder than your usual gummy bears because they are made by Haribo and have more of a “real fruit taste”.


The back of the container.


Gimbal’s Sour Gourmet Jelly Beans – I’m not a fan of jelly beans, unfortunately… but I do love the juicy pear flavor that Jelly Belly makes. That’s literally the one jelly bean I will happily eat. The rest? It’s a hit or miss and I’d rather eat other types of candy. But these are sour and the company is based in San Francisco so I’ll try every color at least once before giving up on them. (so far I haven’t found one to change my mind about jelly beans) So you know, if you like sour jelly beans, these are pretty good quality. 😉


The back of the container.


Sweet’s Salt Water Taffy in Cotton Candy – So these were scattered on top because every box will include a splash of surprise candy! I don’t know if it’s sad or good (for my teeth and my health) that this was the only thing I liked in the box. These are seriously like crack and I love, love, love cotton candy flavored things so naturally I loved these too. I love taffy too so it was inevitable for me to fall in love with these. XD


Overall enjoyment: It’s a shame that I didn’t enjoy the selection of candy they sent out or else I would have been ecstatic about having three tins of candy to work through. Also, I don’t know if this was an “intro” box or whatever because this was the exact box they posted on their website to show a “past month” but then MSA and MommySplurge (now HelloSubscription) received different boxes. Regardless, it doesn’t matter because I promptly canceled after I received my box. It is annoying that you have to call them to cancel, but the person who answered was very nice and the whole conversation was less than five minutes.

If you’d like to sign up, use the code delicous20 to get $20 off! (yes that’s how it’s spelled!)



  1. I just read that everyone’s first box is the same. And that it’s possible they’re always the same in the same order. So if you sign up again, you get the same box again… Which wouldn’t be good because you didn’t like anything. Also, yes, the cotton candy taffy is the best thing in the box. I found it on Amazon (it’s by Sweets) and bought more. A 3lb bag. For $13. Do I have a problem? Yes. Yes, I do. 😀 *glares at pile of wrappers*

    1. Man, if I knew this was the “starter” box, I probably wouldn’t have bothered signing up. XD But yesssss to the cotton candy taffy – definitely the best thing in the box (and the one thing I definitely need to buy more of… hello Amazon… XD)

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