May 2015 Popsugar Must Have Review


Popsugar Musthave
The Breakdown:
Monthly | Cost: $39.95/month
Beauty, Fashion, Food, Home, Fitness, etc.!
Ships via Fedex Smartpost | Ships to the US


Hammond’s Candies McCraw’s Flat Taffy in Neopolitan ($1.00) – This was a really long, really thin piece of taffy. XD I really love salt water taffy so I had high hopes for this but unfortunately it tasted really artificial and was super hard. Not what I would recommend if you wanted to have some awesome taffy. But I guess it might bring up some nostalgic childhood memories if you grew up eating this! (though I had never heard of this before)






Kitsch Tri’d and True Y-Shaped Necklace in Silver ($32.00) – This was the spoiler they put out way early last month and I was so stoked to see it included in this box! I love Kitsch jewelry because their designs are delicate and subtle pieces that can pretty much compliment any outfit. I love both silver and gold jewelry (I like mixing things up!) so this was a great addition to my growing collection of necklaces. It does drape somewhat provocatively if you have cleavage though. 😉






Middle Kingdom Mini Plum Vase in Coral Red ($20 ) – I love this! The color is so vibrant and the design of the vase itself is gorgeous in its simplicity. I think this would go well in almost every home to brighten up a windowsill or a corner of the house. I kind of want to trade for another one so that I could have a matching set. XD


Sage & Row Bare Shave Cream ($17) – Hot weather means it’s time to shave your legs; another reason why I’m not a fan of summer. XD But this smells AMAZING (so clean and so beautifully floral at the same time) and is super moisturizing. I tested a tiny bit on the back of my hand to smell and then washed it off and just wow… my skin not only feels so soft but smells so good too.


Batiste Dry Shampoo in Cherry ($4) – I’m not a fan of dry shampoo because they never really work for me, unfortunately. I still find that actually washing my hair is much better. XD I have heard really good things about this brand but I don’t like cherry-scented things in general so I’m not sure if I’ll like this. Regardless, I’ll still give this one a try since it’s a travel size and I might end up liking it. Maybe.




Sisters of Los Angeles Surf Sand Love Beach Towel ($40) – Not sure if I’d ever pay $40 for a beach towel in general or one that has a design like this. :p Not gonna lie, my university had better-designed towels that were also better made from better material… and much cheaper. I’m not much of a beach person so I don’t really need beach towels, but this will at least be good as a swim towel!



The May 2015 Popsugar Must Have box!

Overall value: $114.00

Overall enjoyment: I actually quite liked this box. Nothing in here was over the top amazing, but the necklace, shave cream, and vase were all pretty awesome choices and items I will actually use. Now I just need to find a place to store that bulky towel! XD



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