May 2015 Ipsy Review


The Breakdown:
Monthly | Cost: $10/month | Beauty and Makeup
Ships via DHL | Ships to US, Canada


I like that they switched it up this month with a canvas-like makeup bag! Plus, it’s kind of cute and something I actually will use. Best of all, it’s pretty roomy compared to their past bags. The inside is lined and it’s overall a pretty cool bag. (or maybe I’m just easy when it comes to canvas bags that are minimalistic in design and somewhat witty with words).

Oh and I should mention that they actually had different prints on this month’s bag! So there was actually bag design variation. XD I got the one that I liked the most so I’m happy!




IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better® CC+® Cream with SPF 50+ in Medium (4 ml/0.135 fl oz, $4.00) – I think I’ve received an IT Cosmetics product before and it traded really well (heh). But I might just keep this one because it has received some rave reviews and currently rates 4.3/5 on ulta. Plus, it’s supposed to be a 7-in-1 product: foundation, free-radical shield (lol okay), brightening color corrector, anti-aging serum, pore minimizer primer, dark spot corrector, and moisturizing day cream.

Medium might be a little too dark for me, but I won’t known until I actually give it a try. I’ve never been great about choosing what shade to use because I either think I’m too pale or not pale enough. XD


Briogeo Rosarco Milk Reparative Leave-In Conditioning Spray (1 oz/30 ml, $4) – I’ll be honest, when I first saw this in my Glam Room, I wasn’t exactly thrilled because the last Briogeo product I received didn’t smell great. But I was still cautiously optimistic because this was a different product… and this one smells amazing! It’s rosehip, argan oil, and coconut (ros-ar-co, get it?) XD I do believe I will use this because I love Leave-in Conditioners and when I like the scent? Even better.


Skone Cosmetics Pretty Eyes Automatic Eyeliner in Navy (Full size! 5.28 g, $15.00) – Yay full size! I actually don’t have a navy or dark blue eyeliner and have always wanted one so this is AMAZING. It has an easy twist tip so no sharpening is required! I’m actually terrible at applying eyeliner so I’m sure I’ll end up making myself look like a mess, but I’m pretty excited to try a navy eyeliner!


Klorane Smoothing and Relaxing Patches (2 packets, $6.00) – YESSSSSS. This was the single thing that I was most excited about. I love facial masks and eye patches so of course this was what I wanted the most this month. Plus, I love Klorane! They’re seriously an awesome brand with really great products. I’m really happy that I received not one, but two packets and I can’t wait to try them out!










Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Lip Pencil in Ozone + BONUS Revolution High-Color Lipgloss (0.8 g/0.03 oz, $13.33) – Urban Decay product? YESSSSS. I love trying their makeup and I’m pretty much almost never disappointed. What’s even better is that this lip pencil goes on clear, like a primer, so that you can apply any color over it and help extend staying power! But that’s not even the best part – because every lip pencil came with two small samples of UD’s Revolution High-Color Lipgloss. 😀 I received failbait and bittersweet.


Overall value: $42.33

Overall enjoyment: I LOVED THIS BAG. It had a hair care product that I will actually use, skin care with the klorane eye patches that I have been dying to try, and three make-up products that I’m actually excited about! I love lip products and I love Urban Decay so the lip pencil is kind of a no-brainer; the eyeliner is navy so that automatically makes it awesome; and IT Cosmetics is a good brand so I’m interested to see how this CC+ cream will live up to its claims. Seriously, one of the best Ipsy months for me ever. 😀 (the only way this could have been better is if I had somehow gotten the glamglow product too, haha)



  1. I loved May Ipsy Bag! I also got IT Cosmetics Cc Cream, UD pencil and Briogeo Spray. Ipsy does have it’s moments. When I saw what I’m getting I was like “now I remember why I haven’t cancelled you yet”

    1. It’s awesome when Ipsy delivers! I think they have some really off months and then some really amazing months so in the long run… if you like makeup, it’s worth staying subscribed. 🙂

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