June 2015 Birchbox Man Review


 Birchbox Man
The Breakdown:
Monthly | Cost: $20/month | 4-5 samples | Grooming products and lifestyle |
Ships via UPS or USPS | Ships to the US


Adventure is out there! :p


Bálla for Men Powder in Original (10.3 g, $1.75) – This is a sweat-stopping powder and it’s intended for use anywhere you want extra comfort, dryness, and a refreshing scent. I actually love how this smells (like a men’s cologne) and will probably end up keeping this for myself (heh) to use in my flats/heels in the coming summer months. (because summer = sweat and sweat = gross) :p


Super easy to use! Just upend it and shake where desired.


Davines Momo Shampoo (75 ml/2.5 fl oz, $7.50) – I love Davines! I think my favorite of theirs is the Love line. Even though I’m pretty much exclusively using Fortune Cookie Soap’s shampoo and conditioner bars, I still sometimes switch it up to Davines. This smells a little musky at first whiff, but then you can really get that hit of yellow melon (which makes this awesome). It’s not super fruity though, so definitely good for guys and girls alike.


Davines Momo Conditioner (12 ml/0.4 fl oz, $1.39) – They threw in this conditioner as an extra so I can’t complain! XD I usually get 2-3 uses out of a foil packet of this size since I don’t like using a lot of conditioner in my hair so this will probably last even longer for guys.


English Laundry Eau de Parfum Signature (Sample spray vial, $1.00) – I price all perfume/cologne samples at the same value because they’re really not worth anything unless you’re getting a rollerball or an actual small container of the stuff. For some reason, all of English Laundry’s products smell the same to me so I’m just kind of meh at this inclusion.


Corter Leather & Cloth Bottlehook ($36.50) – This is so cool and really well-made! The weight of the copper ring is substantial and the leather tag is butter soft. The copper ring itself can be used as a bottle opener so you’ll always have your keys and a bottle opener handy. :p Plus, you can easily hook your keys to your belt loop too! Out of all the lifestyle items, I was definitely hoping for this one because this is something I think my brother would actually use, considering he currently has something similar to this for all of his keys.


My June 2015 Birchbox Man!

Overall value: $48.14

Overall enjoyment: This was actually an awesome Birchbox Man box! I can use/gift everything except for the cologne sample so I’m considering this month a win. I get to try a new Davines product and I’ll have something to keep my shoes smelling nice during the summer. 😉 The bottle hook does make up most of the value of the box, so thankfully I like it! I feel like the months when Birchbox Man sucks are the ones with the crappy lifestyle item but they’ve been on it lately with the product choices!



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