Rising Blue Jewelry Review (KICKSTARTER!)


Earlier in March this year, I became a backer for Rising Blue Jewelry’s Kickstarter campaign because I just fell in love with simple beauty of the designs. As with all Kickstarters, there were different tiers of support you could pledge and each tier had a different reward – in this case, amazing hand-crafted jewelry.

I don’t really wear a lot of jewelry on a daily basis, so most of it just sits tucked away in my drawers, but I do wear rings quite often. So when I saw the Teeny Tiny Moonstone Ring, I had to have it. It was only $49 and it was so totally worth it because I can’t stop wearing it.


At the end of the campaign, we were asked to choose gold vs silver and the size of our ring. I asked for silver because I love silver rings – and because I thought silver complemented the moonstone better. Yes, gold-plated would have been more “worth it” for value but I look at it in terms of utility. If I had gotten it in gold, I probably wouldn’t have loved it as much and I wouldn’t have had as much to pair it with since a lot of my jewelry is silver.


Obligatory windowsill photo. 😉 It might look plain here because of the lighting… but that’s kind of what I love about it. It’s so unassuming and so subtle that you don’t notice it until it catches your eye. But when it does? BOOM, magic.


Here’s what it looks like when it catches the light just right. Gorgeous, isn’t it? (also how much do I love the pouch it came in? SO MUCH)


And this hand-written note + discount code was just so nice of Mary (the creator of this beautiful jewelry – you should all totally read about her travels and how she went directly to the source to get these pieces made!)

If you’re interested in purchasing her jewelry, she has her online shop up and running! Visit Rising Blue Jewelry and see what else might capture your interest. The design of her jewelry is so my style and I just want to buy more. XD



  1. Thank you for the write up! I just ran across this and it made my morning. Happy to hear you love your ring. Thanks to you I have been able to make Rising Blue a reality! Xoxox

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