July 2015 Something Snacks Review


Something Snacks
The Breakdown:
Monthly | Cost: $10/month + $3 Shipping | 7 different types of snacks
Ships via USPS | Ships to the US and Canada


First look! Something Snacks sends out 7 different snacks each month; they’re not focused on any certain type of snacks (ex. gourmet, international, healthy, etc.) and they try to offer a good range of snacks so that everyone can enjoy something. And since I like trying out new types of snacks every once in a while until I find a new obsession, I thought I’d give them a try.


Snack Out Loud Crunchy Bean Snack in Ranch – These were okay. I had high hopes because I love ranch flavored snacks but the flavoring was weak and the beans themselves were way to hard to safely crunch on. It was kind of like trying to eat pebbles when it came to the larger pieces. Not something I would buy if I saw it at the store.


Chipz Happen in Parmesan Garlic – I knew I wouldn’t like these the moment I opened the box. XD I received another flavor of this brand of chips last year in my Love With Food box and did not enjoy it. These were worse, haha. They were ridiculously salty (I think it was up to 10% or 11% sodium!) and kind of hard. In fact, they were so salty that I could barely taste the parmesan garlic – it was basically just salt. I would have rather eaten some Lays chips instead.


I Heart Keenwah Quinoa Clusters in Cashew Raspberry – These were okay, nothing special. But at least they weren’t gross. XD Would I choose to snack on this if I saw this next to something else? Probably not. But since they were included in this box, I ate them. Eh. I like my quinoa in chocolate for that added crunch or as popped chips.


Qwackers in Cheddar – These were dry. 😦 I do appreciate that they are gluten free so that those with a gluten allergy can enjoy them but they were seriously lacking in the flavor department. These crackers (ahem, qwackers) were also adorably shaped like little ducks.


Organic Fruit Snacks – These I loved. But then again, I usually love all gummies and fruit snacks. XD They were less like gummies and more like fruit gelee. I enjoyed the flavors and the sweetness of these were just perfect. My favorites were the peach ones. 😀


Toyou Bar in Pina Colada – THIS WAS THE BEST THING IN THE BOX. The nuttiness of the toasted coconut and the slight acidity of the pineapples chunks were so good. The cashews gave a good earthiness to the bar too. Overall, fantastic flavor balance. This is something that I would totally buy again if I saw it at a local grocery store.


Lucas Salsagheti in Watermelon – I’m kind of scared to try these. XD I’ve had something similar in the past and didn’t like it. This is a Mexican candy that has sour straws and a tamarind sauce packet. XD I think this is more of an acquired taste.


Overall enjoyment: I feel like they tried to go a “healthy” route (for the most part) this month and unfortunately, the snacks they chose weren’t for me. But I’ll stick with them for another month or two to see what else they come up with because their last box for June was amazing. You can see a review of the June box over at BitsandBoxes!



  1. Omg, yaaaaas on that ToYou bar! I’ve never even heard of them. I also have not been brave enough to try that watermelon salsa spaghetti but I really should. You know. Just because? I do like how Something Snacks manages to get snacks I’ve never gotten in any other snack box. And I get a lot of snack boxes >.< Aaaand thanks for the shout out!

    1. RIGHT? It was so good. I honestly want more because it actually tasted like dessert and not a “healthy” bar. :p

      I do like that they include a lot of new snacks! (the only sad thing is when I can’t find them at my local supermarket haha)

      Hehe you’re welcome! 😀

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