July 2015 Orange Glad Review


Orange Glad
The Breakdown:
Monthly | Cost: $21.95/month | Deluxe desserts |
Ships via USPS Priority 2 Day Mail | Ships to the US


When I first saw the contents of this box, I was like oh no… so much shortbread.  (I’m not a fan of shortbread). XD But then I tried them and well… they weren’t so bad after all. :p


Ice Cream Shortbread – Don’t be fooled (like I was). This doesn’t taste like ice cream. It’s just short bread in the shape of an ice cream cone. XD I actually found this to be quite pleasant. Nice amount of crunch, buttery, and not too crumbly. Plus, the colorful sprinkles on top didn’t hurt either. :p




The Art of Caramel Artisanal Carameled Popcorn in Bananas Foster – Okay, let me also say that I’m not a fan of caramel corn. XD But this? This was crazy addicting! You can taste the banana, the rum, and a hint of spices that makes a banana foster. Absolutely delicious! I had to give the rest to my dad so that I wouldn’t end up eating it all. XD And he loved it too. Definitely a step up from your normal caramel corn.


Jam-packed with flavor.


Greyston Bakery Brown Sugar Blondie – This was hands down my favorite thing in the box! SO GOOD. SO, SO GOOD. I haven’t had a blondie in forever because most of the ones I’ve tried were blah. But this? I would give up brownies for this! It tasted like a madeleine and I love madeleines! I would buy this in a heart beat… if only Greyston Bakery wasn’t all the way in Yonkers, NY.


Gourmet Biscotti Vagabond Biscotti – Interestingly enough, I have received this in a prior box! But I don’t care because I loved it the first time and I still love it now! The vanilla biscotti has bits of white chocolate and toasted hazelnuts and it’s an amazing combination.


A Couple of Squares Raspberry Jam Shortbread – This is probably my least favorite item in the box. The raspberry jam tasted artificial and the shortbread wasn’t as good as the ice cream cone one.


The July 2015 Orange Glad Box

Overall enjoyment: This wasn’t too bad! It was actually better than I thought it would be after first glance. :p I seriously fell in love with that brown sugar blondie and want more ASAP, haha. I would also totally try different flavors of caramel corn from The Art of Caramel!



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