Fall 2015 Fortune Cookie Soap Box Review


Fortune Cookie Soap
The Breakdown:
Quarterly | Cost: $19.99/quarter
8 exclusive FCS bath/body products in adorable mini-sizes
Ships via USPS | Ships Worldwide!


The theme for the 2015 Fall Box was Old Hollywood! Of course, I had looked at all the spoilers ahead of time because I wanted to know what products were going to make an appearance and what kind of new scents were going to be included!

Also, each box gets a $10 coupon for anything in the FCS shop! It’s emailed to you and it cannot be combined with other codes nor can it be used on a soap box subscription.


Fortune Cookie Soap – Dressed to Kill: Dribbles of mulled, red wine, swirled with dark, rich vanilla and cut apples, and a dusting of spice.

Maybe my nose is broken, but this smells almost exactly like Tis The Season To Be Mary from Fortune Cookie Soap’s 2014 Winter box. Most of what I smell from this is play-doh and almonds XD Unfortunately, I really don’t smell the vanilla or apples. If you blindfolded me and let me smell this, I would honestly say that it was an exact dupe of Tis The Season to be Mary. Anyone else feel this way?


(if anyone goes back to look at my review of the 2014 Winter box, my first impression of Tis The Season To Be Mary was that it smelled like soap/play-doh, but then I got that scent in an OCD hand sanitizer, which, in my opinion, is the best way to test a FCS scent, and it still smelled the same =___= so unfortunately, it seems like the play-doh scent is what almonds smell like in soap products – at least to me)


My fortune!


Top view. I really loved the colors but unfortunately the scent didn’t work for me.


Wax Tart – Famous: Warm amber, wild orchid, fluttering white cotton, sundried herbs.

Look at all that sparkle! While we’re on the subject of scents I dislike… (tobacco, almond…), I also dislike amber. XD But thankfully, the amber in this scent takes a background role (though you can definitely smell it). Surprisingly, this is a sweet scent! It actually kind of reminds me of watermelon, somehow. XD If I didn’t have the description, I would have said fruity for sure! Also, there’s this weird lingering note that reminds me of chlorine.


So much glitter.


Shampoo Bar – Hollywood Dreams: Brown sugar dusted graham crackers, fresh churned apple butter, sprinkled with nuts and a hint of maple.

Oh god, this was so strong. XD When I opened the plastic to smell, I got such an overwhelming scent of brown sugar and MAPLE. SO MUCH MAPLE. Blech. :/ Maple is just not a scent I enjoy, unfortunately. I was so excited to see a shampoo bar in the box because I now exclusively use their shampoo bars! But this scent is just not for me. This smells like the brown sugar maple and apple cinnamon instant quaker oatmeal mixed together… but 1000000x maple. XD I’m still going to use it though! The scent won’t be that bad when I actually use it as a shampoo (as it won’t linger in my hair if I use other products) but I know it will spread through my bathroom. XD


Hopefully people who have never tried FCS’ shampoo bar will fall in love with the formula. 🙂


Bath Powder – Scandal: Creaking woods, wind blown leaves, and twisted rose thorns.

You know what I immediately thought of when I opened the bag to smell this? POTPOURRI! It seriously takes me back to the potpourri satchels that my grandma made for fun. This is one of the stronger scents in the fall box, so people might love or hate this one. But I think this has great potential as a whipped cream and potentially a hydrate me! The weird thing is that I almost definitely can smell apples and cinnamon in this one, even though neither note is listed in the scent description. In any case, I wouldn’t recommend traveling with this one because it’s loose white powder in a plastic bag that has SCANDAL emblazoned on the front. :p


A new FCS product!


Pomade – American Royalty: Rose milk, thick honey and warming tobacco blossom wrapped with caramel and notes of mandarin.

This is a brand new product for FCS! I don’t really like using hair styling products… and especially not pomade. XD When you smell this, you’re hit with this sudden artificial scent that can be attributed to the rose milk… before the tobacco sets in. I’m really not a fan of tobacco in any way, shape, or form… so this is a total miss for me and is my least favorite scent next to Dressed to Kill in the fall box.

OH! And you know what this smells like to me? Before the tobacco, the first whiff reminds me of that cheap pink hand soap you can find at school bathrooms. XD Kind of like cherry. That’s what I was trying to recall because I could have sworn I had smelled something similar. But this seems to be a hit with a lot of other people so don’t take my opinion too heavily! Scents are pretty personal.


What it looks like!


Not a new product, but a new packaging!


Perfume Oil – Pearls & Girls: Crushed and distilled vanilla creeping with wild jasmine and a splash of juicy pear.

You know what this reminds me of? One of the Michael Kors perfumes! The jasmine really dominates in this scent, but the vanilla is definitely also there in the background, adding sweetness. The only thing I can’t smell is the pear because the jasmine is so strong. There’s a bit of musk in the dry down though. You’ll see that this quarter, FCS stepped up their game and sent out a very generous amount of perfume in a cute travel spray case! You could have received a variety of colors for the travel case itself – so far I’ve seen blue, silver, black, red, purple, green (like mine), and bronze.


Out of the case.


And you can actually refill the vial with whatever perfume oil you want since the top of the atomizer can be unscrewed.


OCD Hand Sanitizer – Glitz & Glamour: Wet moss, polished woods, creamy vanilla.

This is a great balance between the woods and vanilla, with the moss coming into play after the dry down. The moss does end smelling a little herbaceous after a while and overtake the vanilla (though the sweetness of the vanilla definitely lingers). But overall, I think this is pretty awesome and I’m interested to see how this translates into a whipped cream! This would also be amazing as a body wash!


A cool thing about this one is that the gold mica in the actual hand sanitizer itself makes this look like molten gold. (and don’t worry, you can’t see any of the glitter after you rub your hands together!)


Whipped Cream – Tommy Guns & Baseball Bats: Grandma’s hot apple pie, dusted with freshly shaved cinnamon, nutmeg and warm brown sugar, topped with rich, creamy marshmallow fluff.

Speaking of whipped creams… this season’s whipped cream smells like apple pie-flavored marshmallows to me! It’s such a soft, warm scent. The spices of the apple pie are beautifully toned down by the marshmallow fluff but the sharpness of the  apples also shine through. When it dries down completely, it smells like marshmallows. *____* The amount of depth in this scent is pretty awesome and I’m not usually one for “bakery” type scents!


It’s a light, almost mint, green.


What it looks like!


Overall enjoyment: My favorite scents in this box had to be – Glitz & Glamour, Tommy Guns & Baseball Bats, and Scandal! I kind of like Famous and Pearls & Girls, but really did not enjoy American Royalty, Hollywood Dreams, and Dressed to Kill. But I’ll be honest, compared to the spring 2015 and summer 2015 boxes, this one falls flat (no pun intended). :p I mean, it’s not like I don’t like these scents, it’s just that when compared to how awesome the spring and summer boxes were, I’m just not super excited about any of these scents so it’s sad for me.

In any case, the fall launch is on August 21st! So if you want to try any of these scents in full size products or if you got the fall box and want more of these scents, then be sure to mark that day on your calendar. 😀



  1. I totally got cherry with that pomade. Like cough syrup cherry. Also, don’t use it as a lip balm because it tastes gross and chemically. And tobacco next to my nose didn’t make me happy. I wonder if I got a bad batch of Whipped Cream. Mine seriously smells like absolutely nothing. Not a whiff of anything. Too bad you hate bakery scents, they’re like my favorite thing and this box was delicious! And that shampoo bar was awesome! I suppose I’ll stay awake for the launch.

    1. I really did not like that pomade. Not at all. XD But so many people were in love with it!! Each to his/her own, I guess. XD I think I’m probably just never going to use it because it’s really not for me. But I think the scent for the WC this time around was just super faint because everyone just smelled marshmallow and nothing else. And haha, I wish I loved this box, but sadly none of the scents are really calling my name. The launch should be relatively “early” so you should have no trouble staying up. 😀

    1. IKR? SO SAD. 😦 FCS is one of my favorite boxes. The whipped cream is a beautiful light, mint green! And I wish I had gotten a different color haha – but better green than pink, I guess. :p

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