2015 Fortune Cookie Soap Pack Your Bags Mini Collection Review


Fortune Cookie Soap
Pack Your Bags Mini Collection 2015
Cost: $19.99 + Shipping
One-Time Purchase


Yellow Polka Dot Bikini Aloe Me Body Whip – Not all of us are lucky enough to wear that itty, bitty, teeny, weeny yellow polka dot bikini; so we made it in a form that ALL women can enjoy! Smooth on this luxurious and rich whipped cream in our subtle, but DELICIOUS, fragrance of lemon, sugar, and shortbread! Oh yes, I said shortbread! We all secretly want to smell like cookies donÑét deny it! Not only will you be incredibly soft but you will smell heavenly!


Half-aloe, half-whipped cream, and 100% delicious! It smells exactly like lemon shortbread dusted with sugar. This is great for sunburns and is super moisturizing for your skin. You can either mix it all up or take a little bit of each.


Joyride Sea Salt Spritz – This fragrance begins with top notes of Japanese grapefruit & juicy mango, followed by fresh cucumber and honeydew melon, all against a backdrop of creamy vanilla.

Sadly this was not a scent I enjoyed. I don’t know what happened when all of the notes combined together, but it ended up smelling like celery. 😦 But it’s just as well since I don’t use sea salt sprays in my hair.


Do You Salsa or Mango? Body Wash From The Polka to the Harlem Shake, no matter how you get down, make sure to keep yo bodeh clean! Fragranced with island mango & citrus lime with hints of chile and cilantro.

This smells absolutely AMAZING. I know the scent description says mango/lime/chile/cilantro, but honestly this smells like a fresh peach to me and I love it. I really want to buy a full size of this product because it just smells so good. If you’re ever lucky enough to get a chance to try this, take it!


Where the Sun Don’t Shine Face Stick SPF 15 – Now, we know what you’re thinking, but stick it up your ass just didn’t sound very nice. Regardless, this tropical coconut-y banana scent is yummy enough to stick everywhere!


This is also a great scent! I get a really strong note of banana and not a lot of the coconut, which i’m 100% okay with. The top of the cap can be attached to your keys or a lanyard for easy transportation so that you’ll always have it handy when you need to reapply throughout the day.


Walkabout Mini Deodorant – Sun weathered driftwood and crisp salty sea air with hints of water lily.


This smells like the beach, sunscreen, and everything you love about summer. FCS deodorants are not antiperspirants so I’ll be using this as a solid perfume more than anything.


One in a Melon 1/2 Shampoo Bar and 1/2 Conditioner Bar – It’s a melon to one! Melon-dollar baby! You look like a melon bucks! Okay, okay, enough puns. This smells just like a watermelon Jolly Rancher. Hey, thanks a melon! Last one – we swear. 😉


They came in a convenient travel tin that you can re-use.


The shampoo bar! What more can I say? I love FCS’ shampoo bars! And yes, it does smell exactly like a watermelon jolly rancher.


The conditioner bar. Works just as well as the shampoo bar. I just can’t use too much of it because it’ll leave my hair greasy. XD These conditioner bars seriously last forever!


An exfoliating sponge was also included in this mini collection.


The 2015 Pack Your Bags Collection!

Overall enjoyment: I loved that new customers got to experience the older scents in different products. The only new scent in this collection is Walkabout; everything else is a blast from the past. I think that Yellow Polka Dot Bikini was from the very first FCS collection ever. 😀 The only scent I didn’t enjoy was Joyride, but everything else was fantastic.



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