Golden Tote Warehouse Sale Review

Remember the Golden Tote warehouse sale? Well, here’s my order! I grabbed a mystery bag and four items from the boutique. 🙂


City Living Bomber Jacket: I sized up on this one but it still feels tight in the shoulders/arms. So I’d say this runs a little small. It’s a heavy piece! I like it but I don’t love it. XD I’ll see how I feel about it when winter rolls around.


The back!


The Apple Picking Cardigan: I probably should have gotten the S/M because I don’t really pull off the oversized/boxy look. XD (They only had this available in S/M or M/L). Regardless, this is super comfortable and something I’m looking forward to pulling on when those fall temperatures finally hit. Doesn’t it kind of remind you of an ugly Christmas sweater? :p


(it’s not actually lopsided, I just put it on the hanger in a lopsided way, haha)


Heart On Your Sleeve Sweater in Navy: I absolutely LOVE this. it’s so comfortable and blue is my favorite color so of course this pairs nicely with everything else I already own. :p And it’s definitely work-appropriate so I’m going to be wearing this a lot.


The cute little hearts! They’re made of felt.


The Pretty Pleated Blouse in Dusty Blue: I had previously gotten this in medium and it was too tight in the chest so I sold it. But I loved how it looked so I had to grab one from the warehouse sale and I’m so glad I did!


The back detail.

AND NOW! Onto the mystery bag items – each grab bag contained 3 pieces.


Very J T-shirt Dress in Black: Ironically, I already have this in grey thanks to my July tote so it was kind of funny when I pulled this out and saw that I received the exact same dress in black. But somehow, I think the black fits better! Maybe it’s just the color. Regardless, it’s super soft and super comfortable. I don’t think I’d wear this to go out but I’d wear it around the house/as PJs.


So many stripes. XD


Bo Bel Top: This is so soft and it has a really beautiful detail around the bottom. But what really makes this shirt is the solid grey at the neck! I love that contract. It is a little sheer though. This is the perfect summer top for when you need something light weight with just a hint of detail to make it look more interesting than just another t-shirt.


You can see the hanger through the shirt.


Pink Owl Blouse: This one? Just… no. XD This is not my style at all. I mean, I think the owls are cute, but I’m not a fan of how this looks on me and I don’t really like those mini tassels that are everywhere. XD It’s literally the last thing I would ever wear out of all the Golden Tote items I’ve ever received. But that’s part of the mystery grab bag fun! :p


Nope, not for me. XD


And finally, every order over $75 received a GWP! And everyone who got a GWP, received a pair of sunglasses.


This is my pair of sunglasses. Not bad – I actually like how they look on my face, but they feel super cheap.

Overall, I thought it was a pretty good haul for a good value. After tax + shipping, all of this came out to a total of $146.69, which averages out to $21 a piece. 


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